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Cornell & Diehl Americana Tobacco Review

Hot, hot, hot.  The American West started summer with a hellish vengeance before summer even officially began. It’s made doing everything difficult.  Places like the Northwestern states were seeing temperatures in some places that rivaled that of Phoenix, AZ—except they actually had humidity.  Sagebrush Country where I call home wasn’t as bad off, we’re used to seeing temperatures in the triple digits—well, perhaps a month from now.  “But it’s a dry heat…”…but it’s also the Great Basin’s mile-high elevation that makes the sun feel even more brutal.  It’s going to be a rough summer.

Radio Talk Show

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 463

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 463! Our featured interview tonight is with Ryan Byas. Ryan is in Brian’s pipe club, and he has 100 open jars of pipe tobacco. This episode is another installment in our series of novice pipe smokers (those with 3-5 years of pipe smoking experience) that we pose seven questions to.  At the top of the show, Brian will discuss how to go about helping someone get started with smoking a pipe. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!


Latakia Doesn’t Age Well

“Latakia goes flat after a few years, loses its flavor.” “Don’t age English blends too long, or you’ll be disappointed.” It’s a fairly common sentiment amongst some die-hard Latophiles. Smoke it up, because over time, that mixture that you once loved will cast little more than a murky shadow in the corner where once its former brilliance shined.

The Pipe Pundit

The Past is Never Dead

July is a month of milestones for pipe smokers. You read that right. As the nation celebrates 245 years of independence, escaping from the clutches of rascally British King George III’s erratic rule, pipe smokers commemorate the history of pipes and tobacco that played a role in that history.

Another huge milepost is this month’s marking of the 59th anniversary of the death of William Faulkner, a Southern and American literary icon.