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Preferred Member
Jul 30, 2016
However your tobacco arrives: tins, cans, bags, zip locks, cylinders, pouches, the empty skulls of your enemies or dropped by the tobacco fairy.....
Open the "container" and place it in a "Ball" or "Kerr" style jar. Bigger jars are not better jars. Make sure the rim of the jar is clean, then place a new lid on jar and tighten it down with the ring.
Fill it to whatever your hearts desire. The more the better though.
Fill out some form of label with the date. You can make it extremely simple or you can get extremely carried away. They are yours. Do as you will.
Place them in a temperature controlled DARK area.
Be patient. You'll be rewarded.
I've just answered all of your questions about long term tobacco storage.
But, don't forget to overthink this simple primer, like you are right now.



Preferred Member
May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
But...but...what about rotation? I mean no good cellar is complete without a well thought out established excel table that tells you when you should rotate the front to the back, the side to the middle, the middle to the bottom, and the bottom to the top...



Senior Member
Mar 17, 2018
Toronto Ontario, Canada
I heard a rumor that they are going to stop making Ball and Kerr jars as of 2020, something to do with the FDA.

Better stock up while you can...JAD anyone ?



Preferred Member
Jul 1, 2013
I bet the percentage of jars used for tobacco is similar to the number pipe smokers as a percentage of the population. Not even a drop in the bucket.



Junior Member
Mar 11, 2019
I have a question!
The words "cool" and "dark" are often used in cellar advice, but you said "temperature controlled". Does this mean any dark area of a normal 65-75 degree home will work and is there an optimal temperature, i.e. is 65 better than 75?



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
I don't put that much thought into it. All of my tobacco is in my living room closet, some has been there for a couple of decades with no ill effect.



Preferred Member
Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
I've got 3 to 4 dozen 4oz mason jars each with 2oz or less of a different blend in them which is what I smoke out of.
My cellared tins are in individual sealed (non-vacuum) mylar bags each with a small silica absorber packet in it for long term storage.
I'm not intending anything for extreme long term storage on purpose, it just kind of worked out that way. I buy and store based on what's on sale and how much free money I have. All of my cellared tins of SPC PP SR could theoretically last me until I die but if they go on a really good sale, well, I might end up with a few more. In my mind, it's not about a "tobacco-pocalypse" but rather I can afford it now so I don't have to worry about things like losing my job, being placed on disability, and other possible future woes. Anything happens, I'm good with my cellar. Anything that benefits from aging is just a bonus.
Also, long term storage, non-vaccum, mylar bags and silica packets are really cheap. Especially if you buy 250 at a time.