How Many of You Smoke Indoors?

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Jan 14, 2013
When I exclusively smoked cigarettes I only smoked outdoors because the old, rancid smoke smelled so bad in a hurry. 8O But the pipe smoke doesn't seem to smell up the house the way the other did. I've been smoking the pipe indoors for a couple of months now and I haven't noticed any difference and neither has anybody who has come over and I have pretty honest friends so I think they would tell me if my house smelled bad. I was just wondering about the rest of you guys. Do you smoke indoors or out? :puffpipe:



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Nov 26, 2011
New Jersey
I smoke only outdoors or in the garage when I'm home. My wife and youngest son are extremely sensitive to smoke, so indoor smoking is not an option except for when I'm at my local B&M.



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Sep 20, 2011
I smoke indoors. When I'm outside I try to limit myself to one of several cobs or less expensive briar. Also stick to more basic tobaccos when outside. It seems to me that a pipe and fine tobacco are best enjoyed inside under relaxed conditions, drink in hand, no wind or cold, etc.



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May 3, 2012
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Indoors for the most part, except in summer when its both. I live alone so nobody complains although I minimize smoke smell with an air purifier. I agree with sothron in that I prefer to be in my spot, relaxed with something to sip on while smoking and last, but not least, its minus 42 degrees outside with the windchill. I feel sorry for the cigarette smokers who brave that for a most unsatisfying addiction. I'm sure glad I don't smoke cigs.



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Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
I smoke mostly in my car to and from work, but can smoke downstairs with an air purifier. Doesn't help that much but certainly the pipe smell residue is much better than the cigar smell residue! (PS. My wife is allergic to smoke but she stays away from downstairs!)



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Nov 6, 2012
Yup, I smoke inside! My wife and I are in an apartment, and the smell never seems to stick around more than a couple hours. I usually light a candle or a Lampe Berger. I do like sitting outside if it is warm and calm!
I have an occasional cigar inside, but try to crack windows. Cigar smoke will stick around for a day or so. I usually do cigar smoking outside in the summer.



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Mar 4, 2012
I smoke in my car, in my office in the basement (with an exhaust fan), and in my local shop.
My car (or more accurately, the ventilation system) often stinks too bad for my girlfriend and my step daughter. My daughter apparently tolerates it. I spray, and use Bad Air (a great "sponge"), but it is never quite enough. Maybe I just did too much damage with the cigars (even though I was just as contentiousness).
Anyway, once the government gives me my money (I too have some as yet undiscovered combination of numbers keeping me from millions of dollars), I am going to have a way-cool-awesome-smoking-room. In the meantime, not being able to smoke everywhere is the only thing that keeps me from smoking all the time.
How did people handle this kind of thing before the Surgeon General's warning? Surely not with smoking jackets.



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Jun 27, 2012
Indoors only when my wife is at work (she works 12-14 hr shifts so it's dissipated before she gets home). She can't stand the smell of smoke. Honestly I only smoke 1 or 2 bowls on those days. I'm usually busy running kids to gymnastics, swimming, grandmas, doing homework, and being Mr. Mom.
Otherwise I'm outdoors in the summer or at work. I do NOT go outside and freeze my buns off. Smoking is something I do to relax and enjoy.



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Aug 1, 2011
Indoor smoker here as well. I'll occasionally smoke outdoors, but color me crazy, I think smoke tastes better indoors than out (though I've never understood why). I thought the same back when I was a cigarette smoker.



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Jan 16, 2013
United States
I smoke outside. My husband and the zoo hate the smell of smoke and it wouldn't be fair to them to smoke inside. One day I will have a room of my own, but for now I have a table and chair on the porch with a great view of my neighbors. It's actually pretty nice most of the time so I don't mind.



Dec 2, 2009
Western Massachusetts
Indoors - aromatics and Maltese Falcon (my wife tolerates the room note of the Falcon). Outdoors - English/Balkan blends, or as my wife calls them, stinky tobacco.



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Sep 23, 2012
indoors, my wife does not care, i smoke in my car as well. if you smoke cigs at my house, you will have to go outside, while i smoke my pipe inside. no smoking in my house, except for pipes..



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Nov 24, 2012
Both. I smoke in my condo (aro) and I often look forward some coming home from work to that sweet smell. On the other hands, I LOVE smoking out doors on a walk.



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Dec 11, 2012
So far, I only smoke indoors at the B&M - which is a pleasant way to spend an hour or so in the afternoon, if one has the free time. Although I enjoy the smoke while I'm smoking, once it's gone stale it's still pretty gross to my nose, so I have a designated "smoking jacket" that I wash once a week whether it needs it or not. And I've got a whole shower/brush teeth/neti pot/gargle routine to get the smell off of me... :D



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May 30, 2012
I smoke my pipe indoors. My wife doesn't mind my pipe at all, unless I smoke something like a cigar, she usually doesn't care.