The Good Old Days
    July 18th, 2014

Allan Shinogle

Those of us who have been around for 6 plus decades remember well when smoking in all forms had a level of acceptability, and pipes specifically had an air of respectability. Pipe smokers were generally looked upon as contemplative, calm, thoughtful, careful to make the correct decisions. Pipe smokers were also ones who cared how they looked and in general considered respectable Gentlemen.

We may be out having a quite smoke and have people come up and tell us that the smell reminds them of a grandfather or some favorite uncle.

It’s not surprising that companies catered to that image with products and advertising that promoted those descriptions.

Now where are we going with this?

If you are near the same vintage as I, you probably remember the decorative bottles of shaving lotion produced by Avon. Bottles in every shape, size and description. The most popular and most remembered were the bottles in the shapes of automobiles. From the 1908 Oldsmobile to the "modern" American sports cars of the day. There were hundreds of different shapes.

My spouse and I like to frequent estate sales; often I would see and pick full or unusual Avon bottles that struck my fancy. I was not a collector, I just happened to like the scents within. Plus being a bit on the frugal side, who can turn down a bottle of shaving lotion for the princely sum of 25 cents.

At one sale, I noticed several bottles, one of which was in the shape of a smoking pipe. So I just had to grab that one, which tweaked my curiosity and later spurred my quest.

A few decades ago when the Marlboro Man sat high in the saddle, a personal care products company was actually making products that praised the pipe smoker.

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