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Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 29, 2019
Finger Lakes area, New York, USA
Don't know, and have no desire for an accurate accounting. I don't do much bulk, not for storage, but maybe 100 tins and tubs of varying size, maybe 200. It's stashed in boxes, suitcases, and closets all over the place. Probably too much, as I seem to be influenced by rave reviews and comments, and keep buying more. I seriously doubt whether I'll ever get to some of those stashed tins before ascending to bliss eternal.

And like an a55h*le, at age 76 I'm still buying pipes.

Bob the bear

Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 2, 2022
Edinburgh UK
So I smoke about …1.5 tins a month but I’m buying 5 tins a month(tobacco is really expensive here in the Scotland so that’s pretty much my limit ) to keep building my cellar size . Plan to by the end of the year have 30 tins plus , let them sit and age nicely .
Mar 13, 2020
My cellar is pretty comfortable, for me. Nowhere near the size of others' here. I have a lot of jars that I actively smoke from, some that I'm aging. Then I also have a large tote that is just stacked completely to the top with tins.

I don't really have a number to put on it, but like I said, it's comfortable for me. I know I'm going to have to buy another tote though, because the tins I've bought recently don't have a place to be stored.

NC TX ID pipeman

Can't Leave
Dec 25, 2021
North Carolina,Texas,Idaho
My cellar is full 75Qt yeti cooler loaded with tins or 8oz bags.It will last me another 7-10 years...only smoking 15-20 tins a year..Who knows if I will be smoking 10 years from now so I am not overdoing it..But tobacco which people want(Stonehaven,penzance ,mc clelland,Germain)is an investment with great return..

Franco Pipenbeans

Can't Leave
Jan 7, 2021
Yorkshire, England
How many actually stock rotate their cellar?

I’ve had a tin of Erinmore Flake in my cellar for nearly four years and I have popped newer cans of Erinmore so that I can get more time on that older one - primarily because I’m interested to see what 10 years plus will do to it. If it turns out to be amazing, the next oldest can will probably be several years younger because the original can is off, flying solo, like Voyager 1.