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Dec 9, 2016
Mayer AZ
A lovely bowl of C&D Bayou Morning in a Irish Made Army Peterson 999 with black acrylic fishtail stem. Listening to Baroque and Beyond on Sirius/Xm. Slurring my words with Kirkland Irish Whisky after ordering a “Peaky Blinders” cap from Sterkowski Hats in Poland. I’ll have to save this discounted cap for the winter here in Central Arizona as it is beautifully constructed from Scottish Harris Tweed.
Happy Eastern Orthodox Easter to all of my friends!


Apr 18, 2022
South Australia
@ZetoMegisti Nice pipe; I'd really like one of those! Is it a Markus Fohr clay???
I've smoked some Three Nuns in my clay pipes; I believe it's made by MacBaren nowadays.
I really like MacBaren baccy; even the regular St Bruno Ready Rubbed that I think is very well suited to clays.

Yes i think it is a Markus Fohr, my Brother has one as well which has been his regular for a while because i started him on a clay, his is the barrel and brewer model. I read up on JimInk's review on Three Nuns and can see how perique would be a sorely missed component, i will post a review after more bowls with this in mind. I only have one clay of my own, but i've always enjoyed the smoke they provide. Keep on enjoying those clays puffy


Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, two giant pork chops and two corn on the cobs with two chocolate eclairs, and a blueberry muffin for dessert. It'll take a few days to work off the calories, but it is worth it! :) I'm nearing the half way mark on this bowl of 2021 Watch City Simply Orange Virginia in a black sandblast medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY 4AB No. 182/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. This is the first small batch test version, which will be the same as the final release. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
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