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Nov 29, 2020
Newhaven England
Nice little pipe on the bottom there, @Birddog66. Looks like a Blakemar 'Torpedo'.
Thank you mate, it’s a little Astley’s I picked up dirt cheap, I wasn’t sure about it myself at first but it fits the hand nicely and smokes like you’d expect from a Astley’s pipe. I’ll have to have a butcher’s at the Blakemar Torpedo online.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 14, 2021
It’s a nice blend at a great price, I hope you like it.
Thank you, I actually really enjoyed it. This is my first MM tobacco, I didn't have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. As an English or American English I found it mild but very flavorful. It actually reminded me of Father Dempsey, one of my favorites, but with the Latakia and Orientals further in the background. The flavoring is mild and is a nice compliment to the mixture. So far it's going to make the rotation. I'm also interested in trying the Missouri Pride.

Funny thing though, after really enjoying it in a briar and a meer I tried it in my new MM Diplomat Cob and it seemed to loose a lot of the flavor and character. I think I need to experiment more...which is half the fun :).


May 26, 2022
Florida - Space Coast
Dunbar in the Savinelli Trevi in Florida heat and sun that i can only describe as the prison planet in the Chronicles of Riddick, i am tucked in a corner out of direct sunlight so i don’t burst into flames.


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