That Old School Aroma

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The Clay King

(Formerly HalfDan)
Oct 2, 2018
Chesterfield, UK
If you were in the UK it would be either St Bruno or Condor. That many years ago it might have been in Canada with the strong UK association
@Sgetz I could imagine the Sealed Knot re-enactors going to the pub in costume on the last night before the smoking ban in 2007, drinking ale out of pewter tankards and smoking their clay pipes. I think they'd have smoked Condor or St Bruno, possibly Erinmore. Whatever they were smoking, I bet the pub must have smelled so good; I can almost smell all that pipe smoke!


Can't Leave
Feb 9, 2022
Erie, PA
I know exactly what you mean. The tobacco shop my Grandfather went to when I was a kid made custom blends, and the stuff they made for him smelled fantastic. I can still smell it in one of his pipes. Unfortunately, I was too young to think about asking his recipe while he was alive, and the shop closed down decades I'll likely never find a match.


Oct 12, 2011
A friend of mines father was an avid pipe smoker. Always had 10 tin stacks of Smokers Haven Krumble Kake on hand. He also loved Barking Dog in the foil packets and had them everywhere. The one that about choked me to death was Green Briar (shudder) . He always kept it on hand if he had a cold or sinus problems. He had an account at Smokers Haven in Columbus and Carrousel in Cincinnati...


Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 5, 2018
Southeast Michigan
To someone who is smoking a pipe, we have gotten totally used to the briar aromas. But, as a kid, I always remember that smell of warmed briar, no matter what the blend was that was smoked in it. But, after we get used to that aroma, we can no longer smell it... like I suppose most people don't smell themselves anymore. But, then I get stuck in an elevator with someone, and I end up wondering if they are aware that they smell. puffy
This is such a great point, and also a total bummer. No matter how well our current tobacco choice captures that nostalgic aroma, we'll never know it. We have to rely on someone else with a similar memory telling us if it smells like that. It's a fascinating thing the way we get so used to certain smells that we no longer smell them. I do 2 loads of "dog laundry" a month just to ensure that my house doesn't smell like a kennel and I don't know it, lol. When you come home from vacation after a week or two you can smell your own home. It's a weird phenomena.


Dec 5, 2021
Western Caccalack Hinterlands
Had a dream recently that I was walking around the edge of my barn looking at the wood and paint and could smell someone smoking SWR nearby. It made me feel like my grandfather was there with me.

The blends that have stood the test of time have a deep meaning and personal connection with us, even if you don’t smoke them. Long may they be enjoyed.


Mar 25, 2022
My dad said my grandpa smoked a blend called black sail back in the day in Oregon (1940's till the 80's). That's the pipe smell my dad and I remember growing up. You think my dad's thinking about captain black? or was there a brand called black sail back in the day?
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