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Swiss Army Knife

Can't Leave
Jul 12, 2021
North Carolina
I got tired of waiting for a C&D bulk sale and Shane Ireland sweet talked me into buying a small batch as usual. Finally restocked on Derringer and 759 match the former of which I'm happily puffing away on right now in my Red Spigot 107 Pete. Also got PS41 and RR match to try for the first time as well as a few semois cigars for summer cookouts.

I sampled the cube cut in a clay just to get a quick feel for it. It's like smoking ovaltine, I love it.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 23-35-48 Order #2382868.png


Can't Leave
Apr 26, 2024
London UK
Quick note to say that my SG Cabbies and FVF purchases over the last month have all been date code 339 (Feb 2024) - and either my palate has sharpened or they'd had a particularly good batch of virginias at Gawith. This afternoon I stuffed some broken flakes of FVF, from the 250g box I just got a couple of days ago, without rubbing out or drying into my Peterson Cara and had the most glorious smoke of virginia in some time. Absolutely sumptuous, 45 minutes of increasing flavour. The superb taste remained on my palate for a couple of hours, I didn't want for anything more. The Cabbies has been very flavoursome too, been horsing through that.

I could be talking b.s., but keep an eye out for that date code. I'm buying more of both asap.


Aug 2, 2016
Just picked up a pound of Old Joe Krantz from a site I haven't used in probably 20 years. Am a happy camper.puffy They put it out for delivery only hours after my purchase. It may be too good to be true. Now will remain somewhat nervous til it shows up next week.🤞 Of course, you can still get it tinned in 8 oz size at SP. but didn't want to pay the 50% mark-up over bulk. This pound was standard bulk price, not being tinned.