Smoking jackets?

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Oct 16, 2020
Does a heavy robe (so I don’t freeze outside) count?

When I was still teaching and smoking cigarettes, I’d wear it to reduce the smoke odor on my clothes—I came home for a lunch smoke every day.
The kids are all, "Her clothes always smell so fresh but her hair smells like our last camp out." Gonna have to take a shower if you want to fool 'em.


Part of the Furniture Now
Mar 11, 2020
I don’t have one!!!!!!……yet…….

I’m not sure they would fit my style but they are stylish and classy. If you are an old nicotine addict (think yellow teeth curmudgeon) then I should think it would be pointless and embarrassing BUT if you are the elegant stylish type with a clean cut look (think James Bond) I can see the value. I am somewhere in between so I’m not sure I can find one that would fit (maybe @shermnatman can help here).

I often wear a jacket to keep the smell of smoke on me to a minimum especially in the car but again, I’m not sure a velvet smoking jacket with lapels would look appropriate in this situation. Hmmmm. Too bad because I like them.
As you know I’m a smoking jacket & Fez guy myself. I’m waiting on delivery of a velvet Nehru jacket to add a bit of variety to my smoking attire.
Yes you are. I have no doubt that you will make that combination look marvelous. I hope you will send in a pic of you wearing it on this thread once it arrives. The Fez you sent me is at our other home and gets worn when we are staying in Laughlin. One can never have too many hats or homes. (That's a joke, maybe). I am thinking about getting another smoking jacket but one that is more of a dinner jacket. The one I currently have if for when I lounge in pajamas all day long with lots of scantily clad younger women. 😀😉

Zeno Marx

Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 10, 2022
Pendleton had a hugely popular women's jacket called The 49er. It was so popular that they made a men's version, and it is often mislabeled a smoking jacket. You can tell the different because of the buttons and which side the buttons are sewn. I've owned a couple, but I've never worn them for smoking. The men's version is more like a thin sportcoat with the way the chest and collar are designed, and I don't find that useful when I smoke outside. They can often be had for less than $20.

You can read about them.



Sep 12, 2020
A friend of my wife's, I mean a female friend. told me, that it fit me better than my grandmother's camison, a Japanese silk robe, of course without any underwear. I'm going to look in my wife's closet, I think she has a silk robe, but it will probably tighten my armpits and back. I will not exhibit any photo, it could go up in price and my photo could end up in some digital newspaper.