Smoking jackets?

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Mar 20, 2023
Once upon a time, after dinner, men would retire to a room or lounge for a leisurely smoke and conversation. They would don smoking jackets, intended to protect their evening wear from ash and odor.

Hugh Hefner co-opted the look and it's become a trademark of his hedonism, but I can see the utility of smoking jackets when enjoying a pipe in my apartment. Either that, or I'm just looking for reasons to get more pipe smoking accessories.

Does anyone here wear such garments?


Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
I would love to be in a position where I had a smoking room, and special clothes to wear in it. I bet my wife would love shopping for that gift. 🥰

But the closest I get is an old pair of cargo pants and my older Columbia jacket, to wear outside. What's another burn hole in those things?
My Columbia has more burn holes in it than any other coat of mine!


Jan 25, 2019
Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
Unbelievable... Not ONE of you guys except me and Brother @telescopes owns a smoking jacket?!?!

I mean, yes, @Grangerous I can understand... but, the rest of you? Not one?

Here is my vintage 1966 State-O-Maine satin smoking jacket, with James Bond-style shaw collar, turn-back cuffs, lined slash pockets (1 chest, 2 side) with satin piping, and belt sash.

Didn't you guys watch Playboy After Dark, or Sneak-a-Peek into your old man's Penthouse mags and learn what a Gentleman of Leisure should have as part of wardrobe????? - Sherm " Swanky " Natman


Can't Leave
May 22, 2022
NW Connecticut
A friend of mine bought me a lightweight silk smoking jacket (with accompanying black cap with a tassle) as a gag Christmas gift, but haven't worked up the nerve to embarrass myself wearing it. Someday perhaps, after one too many single malts... In the meantime, since I smoke outdoors, my real smoking jacket is my wool LL Bean Maine Guide coat!

LL Bean Maine Guide Coat.jpg