A Law Is Passed Making Pipe Tobacco Illegal- How Does Your Life Change?

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Part of the Furniture Now
Mar 20, 2014
Buying illegal I presume, not mere possession.

If so, I'd smoke fewer bowls a day, and then become an outlaw if I had to buy more. Can't grow it where I live- no room, and not a great climate for tobacco.
People grow tobacco in Alaska.

Growing in pots never seems to turn out well, though.
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Jan 31, 2011
I think the right thing to do is to sign up to be one of the gendarmes.

If we’ve learned anything from the drug war, it’s that there will be plenty of contraband and not all of the confiscated product makes it to the evidence locker.

Your soul in exchange for Peck's barn?

Yes, I can see how that would be a real temptation.


Feb 21, 2013
After the long violent era of prohibition, and then the wayward and misguided war on drugs, I think the pressure against pipe tobacco would/will be through regulations and taxation, not prohibition per se. I think codger tub and bag tobacco would probably persist at states with ABC stores, or through some other state revenue stream, so as not to hand the whole market to the black market. The inconvenience and lack of appealing new blends and variety would whittle down the new customer base. If online sales is limited or eliminated, that would pare back the market. Pipe smoking might still be pleasant and possible for those who already know the ropes and could figure out access, but it wouldn't be appealing and fun, and so would dwindle. I could stretch my little stash 'til the eagle screams, but it would not be as interesting an activity. No pipesmagazine or Forums. No figuring out the sources of mystery pipes or where to get unicorn blends. No venting our rage until the mods show up. And so on. Puff-puff.
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Might Stick Around
Mar 20, 2020
Alberta, Canada
Not much would change for me, I would start growing it, I don't have much of a stash currently but even if I did, no one would ever know I was smoking it anyway, people keep to themselves here and if they don't care about people breaking the law and putting the public at risk of harm by doing so, I am pretty sure they couldn't care less about tobacco you shouldn't have.

I am more worried about being taxed out of the market, it is already 50+$ per 50g tin (locally), if I piped more than once every week or so I couldn't afford it. I already can not bring myself to pay the insane entry level cigar prices. My local B&M closed months ago as well when they upped the taxes again.


Apr 24, 2020

There is a dark side to this thread, as the anti tobacco people are busy and never seem to sleep!

OTOH smoking style street drugs are in evidence all over the UK and the familiar cannabis aroma is often wafting in the busier streets and byways.

Our local city has just one tobacconist shop now, a family business that has survived the onslaught. However, those old wooden shelves are festooned by labels showing gruesome photos of cancer sufferers. The owner tells me of one photo which was taken in hospital of a person who was in there because of a road accident, nothing to do with smoking. The photographed victim sued and won his case.

Me? As a new born again smoker I will invest in vacuum packed tins of baccy, tucked away for a rainy day.