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  1. winterland

    Peterson Dracula Series North American Realse?

    Anyone know who has these in stock?
  2. winterland

    Looking to purchase a pipe!

    Luna Pipes. You can order how you want it.Lunapipes
  3. winterland

    My "new" Dunhill

    Very nice. Let us know how it smokes. Someday will get a Dunhill.
  4. winterland

    My new Peterson

    Nice pipe. Is that a Deluxe tweed in the background?
  5. winterland

    Red Man Plug and the Power of Chew

    I remember trying chews as a teen. Beechnut leaf was my fav. Very mellow but tasted like Redman. Copenhagen. Wow that stuff was strong.
  6. winterland

    Churchwarden's opinions

    There have a been a few good discussions here. Here is one. Churchwardens I think they smoke cooler because of the long stem. The bowls are sometimes smaller in size so might heat up more than a larger bowl. Never been a problem for me.
  7. winterland

    Post yer guitar pictures!

    Great thread. Will have to get some pics of our studios guitars.
  8. winterland

    Got my Dunhill! PAD

    Great score I will give you $101 for it.
  9. winterland

    My Music in Chicago

    Probably hard to smoke a pipe playing drums. Will check out your FB page. Chicago has a lot of music. I get there a few times a year for Grammy meetings. The Chapter office is there.
  10. winterland

    Dedicated Hunting Thread - Pictures & Discussion

    Nice pics Lonestar. Looks like a game preserve ha!.
  11. winterland

    New Pipe For My Collection

    If you google it and post the link to the picture as a IMG we will be able to see it. We are all lazy here. Too busy searching for the holy grail pipe and tobacco.
  12. winterland

    Dedicated Hunting Thread - Pictures & Discussion

    ?? What does the neighbor do with the deer that they shoot? If he actually lets it waste I would report him.
  13. winterland

    Dedicated Hunting Thread - Pictures & Discussion

    I grew up in Northern Minnesota hunting deer, grouse, rabbit, squirrel etc. Trapped mink, beaver, muskrat, fox etc. Last year was my first year smoking a pipe while hunting. Here is my son with the whitetail I shot last year. I love venison and most all game and fish. Good for you too.
  14. winterland

    Pipe Smokers in Duluth Mn

    I forgot to post this, It is a Minnesota pipe club. Great Northern Pipeclub
  15. winterland

    Pipe Smokers in Duluth Mn

    Welcome. I live in Minneapolis but lived in Superior for a bit. You will have to come to the Twin Cities area. We are lucky and have quite a few nice B&M shops.