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    Your First Pipe?

    Mine was an Ardor poker - it wasn't the first pipe I smoked though, I bought it as a reward for when I'd figured things out. It was a good reward too, it smokes beautifully!
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    Paolo Becker...3 New Pipes

    Wow, those with the Don Carlos. You're on a roll!
  3. Toast

    Pipe and Tobacco Myths

    Pipes are 'macho' - I struggle to think of many more fussy, cleaning obsessed ways to spend one's time (like beards in that respect - it might look it from the outside, but once you've tried one...). Tobacco needs to be dry. Too wet is bad, but so too is too dry.
  4. Toast

    Don Carlo2 Fiammata 3 Note

    Thank you! I hope you get many wonderful smokes out of your beauty - I'm sure you will!
  5. Toast

    Don Carlo2 Fiammata 3 Note

    Woah! I recently bagged a rusticated two note (& every time the doorbell goes I hope), but that beats the he'll out of that. Nice!
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    Another Lurker

    Welcome from the UK!
  7. Toast

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from the UK!
  8. Toast

    Hello from NE Florida

    Welcome from the UK!
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    I'm a Lurker

    Welcome from the UK!
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    Hello from Addicks, TX

    Welcome from the UK!
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    New Member from Upstate New York

    Welcome from the UK!
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    New Pipe Guy Here

    Welcome from the UK!
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    Hello from Almaty

    Welcome from the UK!
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    Hello from Wilmington North Carolina!

    Welcome from the UK!
  15. Toast

    Mainly Cigars...Love Pipes

    Welcome from the UK!