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    Has Anyone Had Any Experience With the EBay Seller 'deadmanspipes'?

    I had no problems in my dealing with deadmanspipes. FWIW, I find his username quite fitting, realistic and shockingly humorous :)
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    R.I.P. Stan Lee, Dead at 95

    I have been a huge Stan Lee fan since the 60s when I first started reading his work as a child. Indeed, to a life that touched so many ... Excelsior!
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    Covet Thy Pipe

    A Jess Chonowitsch: Smooth Billiard: Simplicity and beauty.
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    What Do You Like To Drink When You Smoke Your Pipe?

    First smoke of a day is with a pint of dark roasted, strong black coffee. Other beverages combinations vary with the time and place.
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    2018 MLB Playoffs

    Go Red Sox!!!! Long time member of Soxnation. So many heartbreaks and joys over the years...
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    Another Ryan Alden for the Stable - Smooth Lovat

    Whoa, congratulations. Beautiful "eye of the peacock" bird's eye on that. Enjoy!
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    Cosmic Crop 2018

    That's great to see and hear, Cosmic.
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    Ce n’est pas mon quatre millième post!

    Votre santé, PB! 4000+
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    What’s Your Tipple?

    Water, coffee or tea while I smoke. Love red wines and rich creamy and malty ales and various single malt scotches.
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    Suggestions for nicotine strong

    SG Brown No. 4 is a delicious rope and worthy of consideration for such a list. As are GLP JKP and CD OJK and Bold Kentucky and G&H Brown Sliced.
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    First Time Using a Safety Razor

    Whatever equipment one uses, the best general principle is to warm the skin and keep cool the blade, i.e., rinsing it with cold water.
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    Pipes You'd Have If You Were Willing To Spend The Money

    This is a question without much challenge what with the condition of $ being no limitation. For me this is simple, I would buy 7 day sets from Sixten Ivarsson and Jess Chonowitsch. Big bucks, no whammies, just Danish legends.
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    Questions About Pipe Smoking In The Past

    One hundred years ago I would think very few pipe smokers had the need to cellar to the extent that pipers do now. Also, there would have been fewer blends for most from which to select. In addition public pipe smoking would have been more normal (in certain places) than now. Less Nanny-state...
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    Aretha Franklin Passes

    Amen to that, Dino.
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    Reattaching a Snapped-Off Shank (video set)

    George, thanks for taking the time.