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  1. sixmp

    Does smoking a pipe before bed help you sleep?

    I find sometimes if i am really tired i just can't sleep so i will smoke something strong and gawp into space for a while.I just cannot tell if it's the tobacco or the gawping but it works :D
  2. sixmp

    Best Vanilla Aromatic

    Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Flake is just great :)
  3. sixmp

    My Loss

    We are all here for you dude, stay strong!
  4. sixmp

    Flake packing methods?

    I have tried all of the above. I found cube cut to be the easiest for me at least. Smokes great too
  5. sixmp

    Am I a hypocrite to my child?

    Just teach him to A) Think for himself B) Things are good in moderation. Explain that you smoke in moderation. Explain the difference in cigarettes and other tobacco products Let go of what you want for him. It rarely happens plus what is important is that he gets what he wants in his future...
  6. sixmp

    I have no words.

    That is because i was talking in how smokers are seen in general. It is that overall view that makes many of the people that come up with these idiotic ideas in the first place. If we can some how change how smokers are viewed then it might effect how some future ideas will work. It is like...
  7. sixmp

    I have no words.

    The main problem imo is that all smokers are being put into the same drum. Not all smokers need saving from addiction. I am not addicted to nicotine. I don't inhale. I smoke only 3 bowls a day. I also do not smoke "enhanced" tobacco that they throw into cigarettes. Yet they see us all as...
  8. sixmp

    Need to Vent a Bit

    Every ending is really just the start of something new. Try to stay positive dude!
  9. sixmp

    I have no words.

    Smoking Licence.... WHAT? Some people need locking up. ~Do they really think these ideas through? Smoking continue with health risks and now they think getting a licence is going to put people off?
  10. sixmp

    Meers, Cake or Not

    No cake and that is an awesome meer!
  11. sixmp

    The Joke Thread: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) Few naughty words :)
  12. sixmp

    Dam Walnut is Becoming Addictive

    Ah ok. Now i know what i am looking for ;)
  13. sixmp

    Dam Walnut is Becoming Addictive

    Would that be Walnut flake tobacco by Ogden's of Liverpool?
  14. sixmp

    Formal Apology

    wow.. just wow. I have seen that joke all over the net. I guess some peeps are over sensitive.
  15. sixmp

    Cobs vs Briars

    My preference is based on what i have smoked often enough to base some kind of opinion... 1 Meerschaum pipes (Quality Block) 2 Briar (£100ish and up) 3 Cobs (General and freehand) 4 Briar (£50ish and below) and Cobs (Missouri Pride and Legend) Even with the above i am sure i will find pipes...