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    You know you have PAD when.......

    When you find yourself staring at it for a week and exhibiting symptoms that would be considered stalking if it was a human.
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    What are you Smoking? March 2012

    Its about to be more My mixture 965 in my new meerschaum lions head.
  3. punkpiper

    Desert Island Tobacco and Pipe?

    I think perhaps Alsbo black and a Corn cob would do it happily for me.
  4. punkpiper

    All apologies to Fred and other Meer lovers

    Honestly? The coolest, driest smoke I've had, and the one with the most clean flavours. If it werent for its delicate nature I get the feeling I'd be flogging my briars.
  5. punkpiper

    All apologies to Fred and other Meer lovers

    A while ago I think I may have commented towards a disdain for meerschaums, and stated I would never purchase or own one in my life. I went to my hometown this week and I was proven wrong. Scanning amongst the local antique dealers, I noticed this in between two rather decrepit specimens...
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    I'll have to order some escudo in to compare and contrast with Orlik's Bullseyes. I wont put anything against it since they're so similar.
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    Cherry Blends: the ultimate hit and miss

    I know this is a perennial query, but its been raised again in my mind. It seems like for every one thats correct, theres twenty that are glycerol coated tongue biting nightmares. Its come up in my thoughts again with the purchase of a pouch of 7 seas cherry, which surprisingly manages to avoid...
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    Well, I'm Gutted - Ashamed To Call Myself An Aussie ....

    More than likely. For now I'm going to call my aunt in Oz and then listen to the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.
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    November, 2011 - What are you Smoking?

    Nutty cut in my peterson flame grain.
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    Somnambulant PAD/TAD

    Sorry to hear about your sleep problems Baron, I'm struggling with them myself. Its lead me to buy nutty cut and a new corn cob, but neither of those are bad.
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    Well, I'm Gutted - Ashamed To Call Myself An Aussie ....

    Given the sacrifices of the ANZAC corps during the world wars and after, I'd say this is a story designed to inflame. Though its always sad when they get the meaning of the poppy wrong. We wear it because of the sorrow we feel towards the wars and those who died, those once loyal.
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    Why did you first pick up a pipe?

    I took it up earlier this year, almost thought I'd fail, but I stuck it out, got a small collection going of tobacco and pipes and discovered this forum, realised the world had some respect for what was. Not to mention an appreciation for real masculinity, a rejection of both metrosexuality and...
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    Flavor strength in aromatics

    Slow burning does work best for aromatics, though english blends always deliver for me no matter how they are treated. Of course the tobacco in question helps too.
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    Peterson Nutty Cut, oh my

    So, just got a fresh tin of this... I'm impressed. A review will come later, but this is a damn fine aromatic, and I'm not as much a fan of those anymore. The coconut and macadamia are in the background, the rum is nice and punchy and it lets the tobacco through just enough. I'm aware its a...
  15. punkpiper

    Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake...good/bad?

    If its anything like the cherry cream flake I'd go for it. Definetly one to add to the list.