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  1. portascat

    Been gone a while. Need a tobacco suggestion.

    Been smoking English and Latakia blends almost exclusively for a couple years or more. Occasionally smoke a bit of half and half. Looking for something that has to exist, just unfound by me. Criteria: Non aromatic if possible. Has a spice note. Not like a perique note. More like a cinnamon or...
  2. portascat

    Pipe Smoking Do's And Don'ts

    Do enjoy it and act like you enjoy it, instead of trying to make some sort of weird statement about it. Do not be afraid to let your lady friend(s) smoke, and even smoke what you might think are manly blends. Do NOT let your same lady friend(s) have free access to your stash. They need their...
  3. portascat

    Hard Times

    Been married twice. 2 kids. Girl in the 9th grade, son in the Navy. It all sucks, and you never truly outlast the pain in my experience, even if divorce was the best, or only, option. To be quite honest, finding a nice church was helpful for me.
  4. portascat

    Teaching my son to smoke a pipe?

    I introduced my son to pipe smoking when he left for the Navy. He dug the simple vanilla style aromatics, mostly. Probably because they were easy to smoke and enjoy while he fumbled and learned how to smoke properly. He actually wants to smoke my Escudo coins when he comes back home on leave...
  5. portascat

    Do Balkans Benefit from Cellaring?

    I have bought my fair share of Saseini. In my opinion, it has shown better conduct after aging for as little as 6 months, and certainly over a year or two.
  6. portascat

    This is Why I Can Not Have Nice Things!

    When I was about 8, I smashed a 3 year old in the head with a baseball bat. It was unintentional, completely. I was swinging the bat in the street, and he waddled up behind me, and BAM, he was out. Try living that one down. I don't think anyone, once the shock was somewhat abated and the kid...
  7. portascat

    Found Full 14oz. Tin Of Revelation
  8. portascat

    The US South : Harry Crews

    Here is some sure nuff exclusive Southern Fried Poetry by your friend and mine. Don't mind the cussin, cause it ain't at you, and feel free to write it on any bathroom wall with full credit to the author. --- An El Camino, rumbling and one tail light out on the highways and byways, sucking down...
  9. portascat

    Why Is It...?

    When you are attached the women beat down your door. Get single, and you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find company.
  10. portascat

    The US South : Harry Crews

    Texas born and bred. Wouldn't want to live any other place, although I would like to visit plenty of them. My son has become fascinated with California since being in the Navy. I don't understand it, but I ain't 19 and single anymore. Being "Southern" or "Texan" is something to be proud of, but...
  11. portascat

    Match 759 Sobranie

    Having never smoked either, it will be a "good" or "not good" vote for me. Could be a match for Condor, as far as I will know. I do have a can of Sobranie (recent production)in my cellar. Haven't had any desire to open it.
  12. portascat

    antique shops nice place to find old pipes

    A little shop I go to has had an old Ropp with a jacked up stem for years in the case. Lately some basket pipe with a stem that looks like someone held a lighter to it has shown up. They recently added two old metal (hip pocket style) cans of Velvet to the collection. One opened with what looks...
  13. portascat

    I Bought A Pack Of Dill's Pipecleaners At Kroger Tonight

    This is awesome. Just move from job to job, week to week, quitting everytime the management tells you to do something that you don't understand or doesn't make sense to you. Truly the adult solution. I work for the State of Texas as a Correctional Officer. My son was on leave from the Navy this...
  14. portascat

    Burley/ Lat Forward Or American English Blend Experience?

    I went crazy on Beverwyck for a while, bought a whole dang lot of it, and then found I couldn't stand it any longer.