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    The World's Greatest Pipe Smoker

    I wish I could do this.... The World's Greatest Pipe Smoker
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    H.I.S. Italy pipes?? Any Info?

    I just bought a H.I.S. pipe and having my first smoke. The shape is full bent apple, the only shape I smoke. It has a large bowl, but the stem is slightly short and it the perfect shape. It is smoking very nicely right now, PS Navy Flake, and I think this is a fine addition to my rotation of...
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    If You Haven't Seen This One, Its a Good One!

    bonehead - Good Eyes! I didn't notice that.
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    If You Haven't Seen This One, Its a Good One!

    That sounds like a wonderful pipe, smoker truck. Unfortunately, my limit is $1750 per pipe, so...
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    Lee Van Cleef Meerschaum Pipe (Strambach Bent Billiard) - Pics

    Beautiful meerschaum - Enjoy!
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    If You Haven't Seen This One, Its a Good One!

    Yes, it would be very cool and I'll bet with that long stem it smokes cool, too.
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    How Would You Repair This Stem? (an ISPD Tragedy)

    Too bad! I would send it to Mark Tinsky who will fix it perfectly! He has repaired pipes for me, expert job!
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    If You Haven't Seen This One, Its a Good One!

    Fixed thread title, please see rule number 9. Pertinent portion: Please capitalize words in the thread titles. Thank you, Robert.
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    Would you advise your children to smoke a pipe?

    When my daughter's friends started smoking cigs, I got her a pack of cigs. We sat and smoked, she coughed and really didn't like it. She never smoked cigs again. Of course, she was "uncool" but happily she decided uncool is cool!
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    Pipe brain

    deathmetal - I tried to find music threads and gave up! So here you can listen to my CDs, free to listen and full length - Peter Davison music store Just for ego's sake, here is an article they just wrote about me in our town newspaper - article
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    Pipe brain

    I find that pipe smoking really does help me concentrate. I think that is a common benefit.
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    Pipe brain

    cobguy - thanks for finding the complete image. I did indeed think it might be cannibis related! My cannibis (and other...) days are over, but I like the pic. I compose music for TV/film and CDs, pipes are a major part of my process and the pic (including full bent pipe) shows that process.
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    Pipe brain

    Here is a pic I ran into online. I agree totally agree with the concept! Does anyone know what the pic comes from?
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    Jar Labels My Wife Made

    What a great collection - the labels totally make it!