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    Bob's Chocolate Flake is Glorious

    For all the pounds of BCF I have smoked over 30+ years, I have never smoked it from a tin. When bags weren’t to be had anywhere about 4 or so years ago, I bought a sleeve of tins for safety’s sake, but there was a drop before my last jar got emptied, so I traded the tins. I think the...
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    Bob's Chocolate Flake is Glorious

    It does vary a little from time to time, always has. Not at all uncommon with GH in general. Yet another reason to avoid them.
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    Bob's Chocolate Flake is Glorious

    BCF really isn’t THAT good. Load up on the special Pipes and Cigars has on Captain Black Grape @ $31.81 per 12 ounces and forget about BCF. 😀
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    Proposed Tobacco Taxes

    The math is more complicated than just adding the dollar amount of the tax increase to existing retail prices. The tax becomes part of cost, which is marked up at each stage in the chain to the consumer.
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    Covid Gave Me A Swift Kick In The Nuts

    Well, what made you think you were sick?
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    Dry or Moist Pipe Tobacco

    Dry. Bob Rex, the former owner of Drucquers (where Greg Pease started his training in all things pipe and tobacco related) said it best: “ Steam is hotter than smoke”.
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    Blessed Ennerdale

    You can shop elsewhere. For example, Payless had 500 g boxes of Ennerdale in stock at 4:30 pm est on 9/3. I have placed multiple orders with them for various things since they moved from Colorado to Florida’s all filled just fine. Their server is down from time to time, but never for very...
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    Blessed Ennerdale

    Not a chance. Stay far, far away from #7 Broken Flake. Kendal Flake also. Avoid Conniston, Bosun, Bob’s chocolate at all costs. Your fascination with Ennerdale will have a very short half life. I give it three days before you come to your senses. 😀😀😀😀😀 I still can’t wrap my head around the...
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    Gawith Done In the US?

    This is a welcome announcement. Going back through this old thread, when I wrote post #17, it was not clear that distribution of Samuel Gawith would remain with Kretek/Phillips and King. It has.
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    Official Press Release - Gawith Hoggarth & Co

    GIYF. “Tobacco is currently grown in 12 EU countries. The main producers are Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Croatia, France, Hungary and Bulgaria, accounting for 99% of the EU tobacco production. There is a trend towards smaller growing areas, mainly due to falling consumption of tobacco...
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    Hoggarth Drop At SP

    The plug I got was just as good, not really much difference between the two. Odd.
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    Hoggarth Drop At SP

    Watch City has some Rum Twist, selling by the ounce. Boswell hasn’t listed anything yet (they still have 15 blends in stock from previous drops) but I am reasonably certain they will when they list the arrivals from this drop.
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    Hoggarth Drop At SP

    i got some from the January drop from SP and found it outstanding, most “Bosuny” Bosun I have had in years. I hadn’t been saying much about it because the batches I got from the previous importers only tasted like cloves with no real trace of RG.