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    I Am Going To Be A Father!

    Congrats man, being a dad is the best. Sorry everyone is being so negative. Having an untraditional family myself, all kids need is love and everyone outside the household can go kick rocks.
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    First New Pipe In Six Months

    I don't usually care for danish shapes but that is a handsome pipe.
  3. Mr.Mike

    HH Pure Virginia 2015 vs 2020

    Thank you for the comparison, as I just bought my first tin during the sale. I can't say much about it yet, as most tobaccos are very muted just after cracking a tin. I only smoked one bowl and only because I couldn't wait. In my experience, 95 percent of the improvement that comes from aging...
  4. Mr.Mike

    Law of Dimishing Quality of Pipe Smoking

    Can't, BROBS bought out all the frosty mint.
  5. Mr.Mike

    Brigham Role-Call

    Very nice! I smoke the pipes without the filters and they smoke great! So if the filters end up not being your thing, no sweat.
  6. Mr.Mike

    Law of Dimishing Quality of Pipe Smoking

    After three bowls in the same day, it starts to get unenjoyable. My palette is shit after 3.
  7. Mr.Mike

    Brigham Role-Call

    Happy vacation to me, a new Brigham to accompany a macbaren tour
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    Problems With a Friend Having Problems with Baldness

    I died laughing at the progression of this.
  9. Mr.Mike

    Problems With a Friend Having Problems with Baldness

    My buddy was balding pretty bad, but could grow a really full beard. One day he shaved his head after he grew the beard out. He is much better looking and younger looking with the shaved head.
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    Premium Cigarettes?

    My buddy still gets dunhill cigs from a local B&M. I tried one and the retohale tasted just like dunhill flake.
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    Has Your Personality Progressed or Digressed Over Time?

    I personally have come more blunt and unapologetic as time goes on. Competence has now become offensive and I've grown tired of it. I'm tired of empty ideals such as "no one is better then anyone else". The hell they are, if I am more responsible, make better decisions, and adhere to a solid...
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    Storm Time!!

    Will the flood waters at least make your fields more fertile? Sorry about the trees, I just planted 3 apples and two peaches last year and I know how much work it is :(
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    Why The Heavy Use of Red VA In VaPers?

    In my opinion red virginia makes for more full bodied and complex smoke. Bright leaf makes for a lighter more one dimension smoke. I love them both
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    Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend of 13 Years

    Glad he's not in pain anymore. Looks like he had a great life.
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    Social or Anti-Social Pipe Smoker?

    With your big ole buddy billy bud?