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    What Music Are You Listening To? - July 2017

    Radiohead - OK Computer & A heart shaped moon.
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    My Freakin' Hands are Tired

    deathmetal I dig. I actually didn't truly enjoy writing code until 3 years into my career when i stumbled onto a colleague who showed me what engineering is all about and how good coders are artists in their field. From there my curiosity and stubborness took over and I started loving every...
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    My Freakin' Hands are Tired

    Business school was easy enough that I could afford the luxury of procastinating. The same could not be said for Comp Sci. It was so heavily math orieted and coding required practice. Memorising was only the very first step and was worthless without complete understanding and knowing how to...
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    What Do You Look For In A Va/Per?

    I look to make sure that it's in a tin with the label "Samuel Gawith St. James flake". Whatever's in there, that's what I'm looking for.
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    Smoking Pipes and Picking Locks (What's your hobby?)

    I like finding security weaknesses in corporate applications. I then bring it their attention in a manner that provides them with a clear understanding of the issue and its solution, without costing them the damage that could be done by a malicious party. I never use the weakness maliciously or...
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    The Bad Dad Joke Thread

    Back during my service, when I was down and occasionally called my father for a cheer up, he'd always finish the call with this joke: An old man walk into a bar, takes a seat and immediately spots a young punk in a spiked leather jacket and ridiculously high rainbow colored mohawk hairdo...
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    It's Finally Happening - Future Relocation

    I've lived abroad for the better part of my life. While born and raised in the USA, I've spent quite a portion of my life elsewhere. Besides having to deal with international shipping of tobacco, I've had the constant longing to that which I left behind. Up until recently returning meant...
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    It Looks Like Sherlock Holmes' Pipe!

    At work - The smart-ass: "Where do you think you are, the Shire?" Me: "well I did until you ugly orcs arrived." Outside a bar - The rude fool: "You probably think that's classy but you look like an idiot." Me: "I have a dick." The fool: "Man what?" Me: "oh, I assumed you were trying to be...
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    Some New P&C Blends-So Little Time

    Russ, any idea how a foreigner like me can get my hands on some of these that aren't available via smokingpipes, as P&C don't ship internationally.
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    How Long Does It Take You To Finish 1.8oz?

    I'd recommend you find additional tabacconists or order from abroad in an effort to avoid captain black. I almost quit the pipe entirely because of Captain black, thinking that all pipe tobacco was similar to it, but after having tried several Samuel Gawith flakes and some Hearth & Home blends...
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    Aging In An Unopened Jar Vs Unopened Tin

    Hi everyone, I've been curious about a matter and wanted more perspective. I haven't had the luxury of tasting any well aged tobacco in the past several years, nothing with more than a year. I was wondering if anybody had the opportunity to taste a brand that has aged for a certain period of...
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    Creating A Bowl By Mixing Tobacco At Various Degrees of Dryness?

    Hi guys, I was recently experimenting with some SG flake, trying to determine the proper balance when it comes to hydration when lighting the bowl. I could clearly make out flavors that exist when smoked damp out of the jar and that are lost when granted sufficient time to dry prior to...
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    A Farewell to Tin Art

    I would totally buy a brand that had an image of an alligator giving the finger with one hand, pointing to the warning with the other. Call it "No shit flake".
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    Next tobacco to try

    I've also tried the blends you have been suggested, however did not like them much. That's not to say you will dislike them, but I'd go another way: I'd send you over to land of the VaPer (Virginia meets perique). 1) Hearth & Home anniversary kake for easy of use and sweet flavor. 2) Samuel...
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    Porsche Cayman

    Haven't you considered the BMW 650i coupe? I've had one in the past and it was a remarkable piece of machinery, with a lot of power and an amazingly fun drive. It is pure technology on your side and I don't recall having to fix it at all for around two years. If I had the money I'd totally get...