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  1. J

    Kudos to Randy Wiley

    I have 1 Randy Wiley pipe that I picked up as an unsmoked estate a couple of years ago on Ebay, It's stamped WILEY '89 Unique (I assume that was the year it was made) It' on the smallish side, (maybe size 3 ) and a beautiful piece of natural (unstained) briar with magnificent straight grain...
  2. J

    Moisture On Outside Bowl Bottom

    But if you light up a swan neck it can be a pretty fine smoke
  3. J

    Remember When?

    There was a VW beetle commercial back in the early 70s where the entire NY Knick starting 5 emerged from the car. It was hilarious and I never quite figured out how they did it
  4. J

    Re-lighting Advice

    Perhaps the the problem is with the drilling of the pipe. If the airhole is too high from the bottom of the bowl you will encounter ash before you finish the tobacco. I have this problem with a couple of my pipes which are now in a box of pipes waiting to be moved on. Do you have the problem...
  5. J


    I heard that a long time ago as a Polish joke
  6. J

    Ash Holes Put my Pipe Out!

    For me whether or not to dump ash depends on the size of the bowl. Small bowls I smoke to the bottom with no issues but large bowls I will dump out the ash 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down when relighting becomes difficult
  7. J

    In Praise of Cherry Cavendish

    I'll second the vote for Wilke Cherry Cavendish. For me it's the best of the genre. If you find Wilke to be too pricey at $64 /lb you can try Lane limited TK6 which is similar but almost 1/2 the price at Smoking ($36/lb)
  8. J

    Broken Tenons. Repair or Replace Stem?

    Unfortunately I have 6 pipes with broken tenons thanks to an adventurous cat who knocked them off my shelf. In the past all my pipes had generic vulcanite stems so I just replaced them with new ones. Four of this batch either have stem inserts or insignias that I would hate to lose. Does...
  9. J

    Briar Blanks for Pipes

    Mark Tinsky has 16 different pipe kits to choose from. Grecian briar both ebauchon and plateau blocks for both straight and bent pipes
  10. J

    Burak Connoisseur—Shape ID?

    That's not true about Ed not selling any sand blasted pipes. I've got a couple that I purchased in his store. My business was located around the corner from his original shop on 46th street and between 1974 and 1995 when I quit smoking for 20 years I was in his shop several times a month...
  11. J

    Talamona Pipes

    I was browsing Ebay and came across this beautiful looking unsmoked Talamona on the Great-Estate pipes page. I have never heard of this maker and the last thing I need is another pipe (I have 104) but I have a weakness for natural looking straight grain pipes so I threw out a bid anyway. Can...
  12. J

    What Pipe Would You Buy if You Had $200 to Spend?

    Mark Tinsky catalogue shapes start at 175 for coral carves (think searock) and go up from there depending on the finish. He makes a quality product
  13. J

    My New Charatan

    I can't say I love the shape but that's a really nice looking piece of briar
  14. J

    Is There a Worse Sound...

    I've had much worse. One of our cats loves to climb up on shelves, the higher the better. Last month he got into my library where I keep my pipes and decided to explore the shelf where several of my pipes were sitting knocking 12 of them 51/2 feet to the wood floor below and unfortunately...
  15. J

    Question About Using Everclear

    Reagent grade is not food grade. Isopropyl alcohol is NOT for human consumption! It has a different chemical structure than ethanol. That being said you can clean your pipes or brewing equipment with it with it because it rapidly evaporates, leaves no trace and you can rinse with water to be sure