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    FS (6) King, Tyler Lane, Stout, Eltang, Deschaine, Yeti [Pic Heavy](05/16/20)

    More pictures are available on request. I will buff and remove rim darkening/cake. Shipping $10 per pipe USPS w/tracking within US. I have solely owned each pipe except Lane and Eltang. I smoke englishes only. Nate King, long blowfish, titanium accent, 81g, 7.8" long, bowl diameter .73"...
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    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    I just called and confirmed that the Westin has cancelled all reservations and events through the 4th. I have cancelled all of my plans. I think they should just skip this year. A poor performing show later this year will be worse than skipping 2020 and coming back strong in 2021.
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    Shipping Times from Russia to the US

    Almost 2 months for my Yashtalov from St. Pete. Good luck!
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    Round-Tip Stems?

    Colin Rigsby has made a few of these. I know one guy who loves them.
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    I Wasn't Going To Post This But....

    I am in the exact same boat with over $200 in tobacco sitting in NJ...maybe.
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    Don't Apply To UHAUL

    I have never been to a Uhaul and not seen employees smoking. I wonder what the enforcement procedure is.
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    Nicotine Absorption: Cigarettes vs Pipes (Science Alert!)

    I was curious after I had some friends tell me their company was going smoke free. I bought a pack of 20 tests on Amazon. I tested myself 24 hours after driving home from Chicago this year. I must have had at least 5 bowls on the drive to Texas. If not more. My only question is does...
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    Nicotine Absorption: Cigarettes vs Pipes (Science Alert!)

    As an aside. I can pass a nicotine urine test the day after smoking 5 bowls.
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    Arlington, TX

    Hi jrbjr. DFW does not have a great selection of pipe shops. Some suggestions would be Cigar International in The Colony. Ole Grapevine Cigar & Tobacco Shop in Grapevine. Another suggestion would to come to Pop's Safari in Fort Worth on Thursday night, 6-10p, for our pipe meet up.
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    How Many Of Us Are There?

    Does anyone have any data on how many pipe smokers there are? Whether that is world wide or just in the US? Per capita? Cigarette smokers is 20-25% (of adults) in the US, but pipe smoking has to be less than a fraction of a percent. Even at 1/3 of a percent that is 90K pipe smokers in the US...
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    NASPC Columbus Pipe Show or Greater Kansas City Pipe Show?

    Thank you for the correction scloyd. I actually meant to type Saturday second, but bitch is a dyslexia.
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    NASPC Columbus Pipe Show or Greater Kansas City Pipe Show?

    I have not been to the NASPC show, but I would go there. The KC show last year was...without spark. The NASPC show seems more vibrant, starting Friday night and only being on Friday. That's where I would go.
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    Hi from DFW Texas

    Hello! We have a club meeting at Pop's Safari Room this Thursday at 6-10p in Fort Worth. Come say hi!
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    Hello from North Texas

    Howdy! Now would be an opportune time to tell you that the Fort Worth club meeting tonight (second Thursday's) at Pop's Cigar in Fort Worth. There is another group that meets forth Tuesday's at Cigar Frog in Denton. Come on by and say 'hi' in person! I'm the guy that looks just like my avatar!
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    Smokey Eyes

    So I started using this morning and night and it has made a huge difference. Looking forward to trying it at the next pipe club. Unfortunately, this pesky holiday, Valentine's Day, falls on it and club day was pushed out a few days. BTW guy, this is your friendly reminder: flowers, dinner...