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  1. gwynclan

    Return to the 70's: The Nimrod Pipe Lighter

    I too recived one from a friend, his grandafather had past and I was the only one he knew that would put it to good use. I feel it is the best lighter I have, I reach for it over my corona. Maybe because of the sentimental value or because of the uniqueness of it. It is part of my smoking ritual...
  2. gwynclan

    New Box Pass Thread

    Hanging around just not as often, no updates for me but will pm you back romeowood. The weather has started to change in my neck of the woods, so will be posting more. Cheers Jeff
  3. gwynclan

    Cigar Like Tobacco

    Billy Budd ++1
  4. gwynclan

    My New (Used) Hutch Should work now, hutch 50$.
  5. gwynclan

    My New (Used) Hutch Hope this link works. Couldn't figure out how just to post straight from my phone.
  6. gwynclan

    Auto Pipe Holder

    Big box store that has a bullseye on it sells it for 5.50$.
  7. gwynclan

    Auto Pipe Holder

    Rubbermaid makes a deluxe cup holder. Space for pipe , lighter and tamper. And of course cup of Joe....
  8. gwynclan

    Late Christmas Present

    Finally got it, looks sweet jason. Let us know how it smokes Cheers
  9. gwynclan

    Corn Cob Question

    After first couple smokes take spoon part of chez tool and lightly ream away burnt wood from were shank enters bowl. Might taste a little woody first couple bowls if you burn down all the way to the bottom. I love the washington shape and size.
  10. gwynclan

    On the Topic of Value Pipes: Grabow

    I like my free hand grabows, lots if fills but good smokers. Use either these or cobs in the car. cheers
  11. gwynclan

    C&D Billy Budd

    Really like Billy Budd. Great stuff, awesome write up.
  12. gwynclan

    Second/Third Pipe - Boswell, other?

    +1 on sav's and estates. Boswell tobaccos are top notch. Wish Internet was big when I started. Hopefully you have less learning curve. Welcome and Cheers Gwynclan
  13. gwynclan

    Vehicle Dash Pipe Holder

    It was a new style pen holder, not sure how well it works but they still sell...
  14. gwynclan

    What Kind of Car Do You Drive? Post Pics.

    Papipieguy, love mgs. I have had several sold my last one many moons ago when me and my wife started our family. Had a 52 split window bug too. I always had problems running in winter with mg had to adjust carb frequently. Sweet tracker prob. Nicest one I have seen.
  15. gwynclan

    English Blends

    Billy budd corniel&deihle. ?