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  1. goalee1

    Sunday Afternoon Sticker Shock at the Local B&M in PA

    State and city tax increases could account for this. I know in DC, in a matter of about a year, They went from 0 OTP tax to 96% on wholesale. That took a dunhill tin which was in the $11 are to over $27 again all within a year's time.
  2. goalee1

    Peterson Customer Service, a Thank You

    Good to know. Gives you a little more faith in procuring their products
  3. goalee1

    Peterson Customer Service, a Thank You

    Good to know. Gives you a little more faith in procuring their products
  4. goalee1


    I have no problems with state sales tax in state or on ordering. Its the tobacco tax which I was referring to. Not complaining, just wondering what you guys just thought about it ( I know all bad but hey its always nice to see what other people thought in less taxes places).
  5. goalee1


    Guess I'm luckier than thought LOL. I have 2 bordering states all within 10 min of each other where they are cheaper but I like to support my local.
  6. goalee1


    How do you guys deal with all the state and local tobacco taxes? Im in DC and last Oct or so, DC instilled the same tobacco tax on pipe tobacco and other OTP as cigarettes (96% on wholesale). that more than doubles what prices used to be. IE dunhill tins used to go for like 11-13 and now...
  7. goalee1

    Back after a long hiatus

    Weeeel, been a bit, crazy thing called life got in the way and still is but wanted to say hi again to all the brothers. Got a lot of catching up to do reading post wise ;) G1
  8. goalee1

    New Boswell

    Ya beat me by a couple of minutes. Glad someone here was able to get it. Looks like a great smoker! Congrats! G1
  9. goalee1

    Grants Pipe Shop Closing

    I actually did get a chance to stop in before they closed. It was really sad/strange to see the walk in so empty with only maybe 10-12 boxes total. Few pipes on the wall and only a handful of tins. I did talk to the person there (forgot his name but he was a member over at BOTL) and he said...
  10. goalee1

    Birthday Tour in a '79 MGB

    Happy Birthday Al! G1
  11. goalee1

    How many cross-smokers out there?

    Have been a cigar smoker for 24+ years, just took up the pipe about 10 months ago for a change of pace. I'm still smoking more cigars than pipe bowls per week as a matter of convenience (I can throw a couple of cigars in a bag and smoke em during the day). I've noticed that my pipe smoking for...
  12. goalee1

    Just moved, not excited about it

    Agree with dochudson. I've managed apartment buildings before and to a non smoker, they can pick up smoke that smokers would never notice. If the lease says no smoking then don't do it. You agreed to it, signed it so why risk losing your deposit over something that can be avoided completely...
  13. goalee1

    My Pipe Collection

    Not a Dunhill fan eh? LOL Haven't pulled the trigger on my first one yet Someday.. What did you use for the base in your drawers? I was thinking of doing something similar in one of those SMALL 3 drawer desktop drawer units used for reams of paper and was thinking about what I could line...
  14. goalee1

    Anyone try Davidoff blends?

    They're one of the original Cigar manufactures. High end, light to medium cigars with impeccable construction. The cologne thing I think broke off, of the accessories i.e. wallets bags briefcases that they do for the Wall Street guys. That being said, I had a buddy give me a sample of some...
  15. goalee1

    Savinelli Honey Pipes

    Have one. Had a very light "honey" aroma in the bowl. I picked it up because it has a really neat stem. Looks like a honeycomb in the clear lucite. Would have jumped much sooner if it came in a 320! BTW, P+C has 24hrs left on a 15% additional off, of Savinelli's. G1