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    Hello from Germany

    I have ordered from that outfit and they are solid.
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    Your "No Fuss/Go To" Tobacco?

    Mine would probably be Chatham Manor.
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    Ordering from

    I have bought pipes from them twice, I believe, no fees, duties, etc. were assessed. The pipes just came in the mail.
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    C.S. Lewis & His Pipes.

    Malcolm Guite ( poet, Inklings scholar and Peterson smoker) spends a lot of time relighting his pipes in his videos. Check him out.
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    Calling John Connor

    No wonder Quantum Leap is being brought back.
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    TobaccoPipes PocketJar

    Well, if its your product, Dave, I'll have to get a few!
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    Codger Blend as a Daily Smoke

    I have tried several but only repurchased one - a new codger blend : Chatham Manor.
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    B&Ms In Cambridge UK?

    Thanks for the tip @jguss. I'll be going by there with a chisel and blowtorch this evening.
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    Columbus Show - Random Photos

    You were selling good stuff! I'm sure he will have no regrets.
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    Peterson 2022 POY

    I would be very tempted, but this looks like another p-lip special, so my money will stay home .
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    The Most Notable People in the Pipe World?

    Influential folks that I think of include Per Jensen and Sykes Wilford.
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    Best of the Best OCBs…Go!

    I have tried several and found them lacking. Granger is almost okay. The only one I keep on hand is Chatham Manor.
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    Happy July 4th to Our American Friends!

    Thank took some time to compose, Simon. My response is simple: We got to get you a woman!
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    First Pipe in a Year - Cutty with Saddle Stem

    Glad to see you back at it!
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    Well, I Bought An S. Bang

    That one caught my eye. I can see why you grabbed it!