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  1. derhammer

    What are You Reading Now?

    Primary Philosophy by Scriven
  2. derhammer

    Any Other Biker/Riders?

    Weather is getting better here in New Zealand. Let's ride!
  3. derhammer

    What Makes a Great Work of Art?

    I think art should not imitate reality but rather what it should be.
  4. derhammer

    Favourite Female Singers

    Karen Carpenter and Grace Slick
  5. derhammer

    Grandma Outdid Herself

    Such a wonderful gift. Grandmas are awesome.
  6. derhammer

    How do Others View your Pipe Smoking?

    Generally are quite positive when in public: "You're just like a grandpa puffing away" "That's interesting. My grandfather used to smoke those." "Oh, that's old fashion." Only sometimes I got those types: "I don't think you should smoke." to which I replied "I don't remember asking for your...
  7. derhammer


    I love planning and efficiency. Thus I typically arrange precisely what to do when I come back to the office tomorrow.
  8. derhammer

    Nominate An Under-Appreciated Pipe Brand

    My favourite one is a Bari (Danish), so there you go
  9. derhammer

    What Do You Use for a 5-Minute Smoking Break

    For such short time, I just vape. A bowl is only good when there is no time constraints.
  10. derhammer

    Quotes & Sayings...

    "There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him." --Robert Heinlein
  11. derhammer

    My New Money Killer : Lampe Berger

    I have tried different scents to get better sleep over the years. I usually avoid orange or lemon since it almost always makes me have a nightmare. Not sure why though.
  12. derhammer

    My New Money Killer : Lampe Berger

    Aren't they the seasons by Alfons Mucha? I love art nouveau.
  13. derhammer

    Where Have You Traveled Outside Your Native Country?

    Singapore Malaysia Germany France Monaco Spain The Netherlands New Zealand in that order.