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  1. D

    P&C 15% Off and Free Goodie Box IPSD Sale

    This is the first time I've been early enough on the deal to snag a goodie bag. Hope it is as good as they've been in previous years.
  2. D

    Peterson Saint Patrick's Day 2016: My Two Cents.

    Great review Anthony. I actually started the tradition myself last year and was also disappointed with the pics of this year's pipes, but decided to purchase since I've been wanting a poker for a long time and didn't even know Peterson made poker's. I also immediately fell in love with the look...
  3. D

    Molto Dolce, Initial Thoughts

    I enjoy MD as well, with my only complaint being how sticky it is. When using the air-pocket packing method, I literally have to put the pipe down after twisting the tobacco in to go wash my hands and then finish packing. i give it a day or so to dry in the bowl and it is delicious. I also...
  4. D

    P-lip Conversion

    Based on suggestions in another thread, I just filed it down with a bastard file and it couldn't have been easier and I'm very happy with the results.
  5. D

    I Gave In Again... Hilson PAD

    Ha, I've been obsessing over the 515 and just pulled the trigger. Was a toss up between that and the 503, which may also soon be added after seeing your pics, love the shapes in the Vintage series.
  6. D

    Cigrmaster Is Back

    Welcome back, glad to hear you're doing better.
  7. D

    Hilson Pipes

    I love my "Crown Achievement" Hilson I got through the Build Your Own deal on IPSD. Beautiful straight billiard with a generous bowl, 3 bowls in and couldn't be happier. I'm eyeing the straight Dublin as well.
  8. D

    Baltimore B&M?

    Yep, Faders in Towson is your best bet, nothing really downtown. Give Ms. Shirley's a try for breakfast/lunch if you have the time.
  9. D

    Fictional Characters who should have smoked Pipes

    It's animated, but Dr. Hibbert from The Simpsons would fit the bill for me.
  10. D

    How to pronounce Dr. Grabow.

    Great point with this thread. I don't verbally communicate with any other pipe smokers and if not for hearing the correct pronunciations from Brian on the radio show, I'd still be saying Grab-o and la-tackia.
  11. D

    Crown Achievement Pipe Help

    Thanks for the confirmation Russ, glad to hear you've enjoyed them. Can't wait to receive it with the rest of my IPSD haul.
  12. D

    Crown Achievement Pipe Help

    Thanks papipeguy, yeah, there is no mention in the description, it was just mentioned by a reviewer so wanted to make sure. I was surprised when one was on my Sasieni and was relieved when I could just pull it out, I'd be shocked if it weren't the same way with the Crown Achievement.
  13. D

    Daughters "New" 1965 Mustang

    What a beauty, I hope your daughter safely enjoys it for a long time.
  14. D

    Crown Achievement Pipe Help

    Though the goodie bags have run out on P & C, it's still a great deal and am interested in the Crown Achievement pipe, but had concerns about the stinger I read on one of the reviews.....does anyone know if this is the type of stinger that can just be pulled out like in the new Sasieni's, or is...
  15. D

    Beef Stew

    Ha, the reason I clicked on this topic was to see if someone actually released a tobacco blend named "beef stew" and if it was as bad as it sounded. Nice looking recipe though.