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  1. bullet08

    Best Blend Release of 2020?

    Wait 2-5 years and I'll share my choice.
  2. bullet08

    If Cthulhu is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right

    Much better looking than the purple dinosaur singing modern hippie songs.
  3. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2021?***

    Charing Cross in Peterson SH Hudson. GEC74. Normally don't do Latakia day after day. But needed something smooth. GLP blend fits the bill.
  4. bullet08

    Are You a Sloppy Pipe Smoker or a Meticulous Pipe Smoker?

    It just looks disorganized. I know exactly where things are.
  5. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2021?***

    965 in Peterson SH Professor. GEC14. Was little harsh. Then again, everything has been harsh lately.
  6. bullet08

    Smoking While Eating

    Haven't done that since junior high. We would go to a local pizzerias, chain smoke, and finish a whole pie. Good old days. Would smoke in movie theaters too.
  7. bullet08

    Most Delicious Smoke With A Nasty Tin Smell?

    Haddo's Delight. I heard people refer to it as "barnyard". I call it "shit". But smoke is wonderful.
  8. bullet08

    New Cat Pipe

    Cats and cat pipes. Neat!
  9. bullet08

    Cloth With Jewelers Rouge For Vulcanite Stems

    Try this. Seems to work for me.
  10. bullet08

    What Are You Listening To? ~ February 2021

    "Peace and Love" - The Pogues
  11. bullet08

    When Life Gets Rocky...

    Love 80s. Solid bulldog. That's a lovely example :)
  12. bullet08

    Heavier Pipes

    Strong jaw can be developed by using a lot of funky Japanese toys.
  13. bullet08

    Regarding Tonguebite From Virginias

    Just smoked a bowl of Janus. It has bright Va in it. When I smoked it as flake folded and stuffed, didn't notice any issues. Today, I fully rubbed out. It started nicely enough, the slight tingle on the tongue. That lead to little bit spots. I noticed the same thing with Fillmore before, but...
  14. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2021?***

    One of those rare two bowls kinda day. Janus in Peterson SH Strand. I think I might have reaction to Va. But Janus has bright and not red. Or it might be due to rubbing it out today. Flake was much smoother.