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    Package Delivery Tax?

    I think I'll stay down south for awhile longer. I feel I'm allergic to Chicago.
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    A Quick Savinelli Cleanup

    That cleaned up nice. I need to clean some of the stems.
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    What are You Reading Now?

    "The Mathematics of Magic". It's an expanded version of "The Complete Compleat Enchanter" by de Camp and Pratt. I think I read it in JHS or HS. Lost the original paperback and couldn't find it. Then noticed the hardcover on that mega online place. About to get very light reading with a bit of...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    SWR in MM Carolina Gent. Just rotating cob pipes till I'm back home.
  5. bullet08

    Comoy 126b Restored

    Dang. That's some skill!
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    What (Non Aro) Pipe Tobaccos is the Best in Your Opinions?

    There is a best blend. Trick is, you will have to find it for yourself. Then, a lot of folks will disagree. And you will find that you were wrong, multiple times. But Ashton Artisan's Blend is a very good start for English.
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    A Century of Pipes

    That Peterson bulldog is definitely droolworthy (on the first photo on first page).
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    Anyone Play Video Games?

    Used to love RTS games. Starcraft was the game. That was 20 years ago.
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    Love and Hate My Grabow Royalton

    I like my pipes just the way they come. Slight imperfections, I call them characters. Mostly I go for grains and bird eyes. As long as stummel looks great, I'll give ton of slack on the stems.
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    New Tobacco Cabinet

    Very nice! I need something like that. My bookshelves are getting rather crowded.
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    Moonshine Stoker Blackout Cob - MM Reissue?

    And I just bought another of their pipes. I guess I'll be getting more.
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    Paragon Wax

    Renaissance Wax. Smell goes away quick enough. If it's good enough for a pile of African Blackwoods, it should be good enough for briars.
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    Anyone Else Have Working Dogs As House Pets?

    My uncle had a doberman that he never trained. He was a handful. The dog never grew out of puppy stage. He would jump on me every time, and start licking. I thought it was cute but he was a huge dog. But it wasn't as bad as my father in law's rottweiler x)
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    Army Mount

    No offense to Italian and French members, but Castello being an Italian pipes, I don't know how much they know anything about Army. But I'm sure they are much better than French.
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    SWR Aromatic

    So far, SWR is the OTC I reach for among those I tried. Just a good comfy smoke. I have to try SWRA.