Peterson Elizabethan Mixture Tobacco Review

Peterson Elizabethan Mixture

If current events have shown anything about humanity, it’s about our attitude. Sometimes it’s admirable and resilient other times it’s cringey and embarrassing. My attitude has struggled through simple activities like mustering the motivation to take out the trash, and so choosing a tobacco that I’ve had problems within the past would either prove a […]

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Peterson Nightcap Tobacco Review

Nightcap Tobacco

Nothing is normal in the year of 2020.  With that, it’s time for a re-revival of a once-popular Dunhill-branded pipe tobacco, one I am fairly fond of, Nightcap.  The sad part is, Nightcap under Dunhill doesn’t exist anymore.  After decades of being handled by Murray’s after some back-and-forth by Dunhill itself, Scandinavian Tobacco Group (or […]

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Changing of the Guard: The End of the Dublin Era at Peterson

James Foster, CST While it’s not late-breaking news at this point about the purchase of Peterson pipes by Laudisi, and the Peterson tobacco line to Scandinavian Tobacco. I did feel it was important to talk to the stakeholders about what the future holds. So strap yourself in as I had a chance to talk to […]

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Peterson University Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

While being a slightly aromatic blend, there are high quality tobaccos at work here too. There is a Burley nuttiness and a light Virginia sweetness combined with a smoky fire-cured Kentucky that makes for a well-rounded flavor. If you are 100% strictly against any hint of top flavoring, then stay away. However, if you have […]

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Peterson of Dublin

The Peterson pipe company in Ireland is known for producing both high quality pipes and excellent tobaccos. You may have heard of "The Peterson System"? The Peterson pipe is unique in that it is designed to contain an interior reservoir in the shank. This reservoir traps condensed tobacco moisture from the smoke, in turn giving […]

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