The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 5

We are pleased to bring you our 5th weekly episode of the Pipes Magazine Radio Show. Our featured guest tonight is a famous pipe and cigar smoker from the past. Even though he smokes cigars more often than pipes, he has been quoted as saying; “My old pipe beats all the cigars I ever tried”. Can you guess who it is? For the “Pipe Basics” segment Brian will discuss different pipe shapes with a trivia question thrown in.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by, Missouri Meerschaum, and Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 45-minute show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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23 Responses

  • Kevin, I think you should let your audience see all your fancy pipes at the Godbee Penthouse in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

  • Thanks for having a fun show, I liked the part about the pipe shapes I think it will help out new pipe smokers.

  • Love the show with all the TAPS members in Raleigh, N.C. (all 5 radio shows) Come visit us again, as our guest, Would love to see you again.

  • Love all the 5 shows. Come visit us again in Raleigh, when possible.
    The Triangle Pipe Smokers (aka) TAPS

  • Another wonderful show. The segment on pipe shapes was really good. Love the Scott Joplin tunes!

  • First 4 episodes were awesome, but I didn’t particularly care for the “interview” with Thomas Edison who’s been going on and on about cigars (on a pipe show) for two thirds of the whole show. No offence – I’d have seen this work with a lovely, witty Edison double (who might not use English East Coast slang from the 2000s …) but that one was uninspiring. By the way – if you are interested how real Edison sounded like try
    Next episode with Peter Stokkebye better step it up a notch! And no more nonsense like this episode please 😉

  • I’m new around here so this might not count for much…
    Shows are great. Diverse and entertaining.
    The best part is that Brian makes me seem downright normal… I thought I was ADD. Sheesh!

  • I enjoyed the beginning about different pipe shapes, it was explained very well, and I learned a lot. I didn’t really care for the Edison bit, but I did enjoy the Scott Joplin tune. I still think it is a great show and always look forward to hearing it. Thanks again Brian and Kevin.

  • Another enjoyable show gents. I would love to hear an interview with Neill Archer Roan (of if you could ever swing it or Jim Lilley (from over in Scotland). Both men are passionate about our hobby and both have contributed greatly in their own way.
    Neill would be fascinating with his wonderful prose, stories, breath of interest and depth of knowledge. As a great plus he also writes such beautiful pipe prose that I regularly read his articles out-loud to my wife and children who delight in each entry. He would make an excellent guest.
    Jim would be a great interview as well for he tends in a different direction and specializes to oposite the degree that Neill generalizes. Jim is the expert in all things Peterson and recently (7 Oct) stopped writing his blog due to the diagnosis of a terminal illness but he would be a treasure trove to interview as a peterson specialist and fellow pipe connoisseur.
    Love the show and just letting you know who I would love to hear in the interview seat. Loved the addition of Pipe Parts. Keep up the great work.
    From Wyoming where you have to pack the bowl tight your admiring fan
    Bond Eddy

  • I just got to listen to the 5th show on my Monday night commute back home. Great show! The show was educational and had culture. I liked the the Edison interview and the music by Joplin; it took me back to another time for a moment. Radio is all about the listener using his imagination to visualize what’s happening; it certainly worked for me. The explanation of pipe shapes was very helpful; I think I’ll listen to that segment again. A person can read and read about pipes..but to hear a quick explanation by someone who understands the topic, makes all the difference in comprehending and retaining that knowledge. Thanks Brian!

  • Brian, You are quite mistaken on the pipe shapes re: Canadian, Liverpool, et al.
    This class of pipe is not differentiated by overall length, but by shank/stem (bit)shape.
    They are all long shanked, the Canadian and Lumberman being oval shanks, and the Lovat and Liverpool being round. The differentiation between these lie in the stem shape, Canadian and Liverpool are taper stemmed, the Lumberman and Lovat are saddle bitted.

  • Good episode, though I don’t have many good things to say about Thomas Edison since he cared more about profit than progress.