Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 602

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 602
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Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 602. Our featured interview tonight is with Kevin the Hobbiton Piper. Kevin was originally on the show in August 2021. The Hobbiton Piper YouTube Channel has 9.24k subscribers and over 120 videos with pipe and tobacco reviews, box openings, food, drink, and more. Kevin’s interview was one of our early novice pipe smoker features, so we’ll check in and see how his pipe smoking and YouTube channel have progressed. At the top of the show, we’ll have an “Ask the Pipemaker” segment with pipe artisan Jeff Gracik.

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Kevin the Hobbiton Piper
Kevin the Hobbiton Piper

Hobbiton Piper YouTube Channel

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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2 Responses

  • Jeff’s explanation of briar gradation with respect to mass market pipes versus artisan production was quite interesting and insightful.
    It was nice to revisit with Kevin. His questions for you made for good conversation.
    Warrant’s “Heaven” was a nice California glam flashback. Good choice.
    Speed traps? Noooooo.
    Thanks for another fun show.

  • It was another good show. There was a decent explanation of the different gradings of briar that get sent to factories versus artisan pipe carvers. Jeff’s explanation of the briar Dr. Grabow gets was hilarious. He first said they were getting $1 to $2 briar, and then he went from $1 to $5, and ended up under $10 for the briar. Good thing he quit then!!
    I have followed Hobbiton for some time now. Kevin does try to give a mixture of pipes when he discusses them. He smokes anything from Cobs to Savinelli’s which is a rather wide spectrum. I am not sure I have ever heard him discuss some the better artisans. He was much better on your show than on most of his own. I enjoyed his questions that he had for you.
    Music was decent. Not sure this type of music really matched up with my tastes though.
    Speed traps are a bad thing. The way you were describing it, it sounded like there must be a decent number of smokies patrolling that area. Surprised Disney would allow such foolishness so near their property.
    I have been very remiss in not congratulating you on reaching the 600 episode milestone. Quite an achievement.