Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 554

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 554

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 554! Our featured interview tonight is with Kirk Keener aka “Kaptain_Kirk32”. This is the seventh in our series of interviews with “Journeymen Pipe Smokers” – guys that have been smoking pipes between five and 10 years. Kirk has worked as a machinist, and played guitar in bands in the past, and he has a YouTube Channel with 604 subscribers and 236 videos devoted to pipe smoking and tobacco reviews. At the top of the show, Brian will start a new series of segments devoted to Pipes 101 Revisited. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Kirk Keener
Kirk Keener

@kaptainkirk32 on YT kaptain_kirk32 on IG

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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2 Responses

  • The Pipes 101 Revisited was an enjoyable exercise. It was kind of surprising the things you can learn when you study things you thought you already knew.
    The interview with Kaptain Kirk was really enjoyable. I couldn’t help but think back to the original Captain Kirk in the old Star Trek series. He wasn’t a particularly good actor, but he made you pay attention. He had two subsequent TV series, T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal. In Boston Legal he really went over the top with his acting.
    Okay, have a good time in Chicago and have a drink for me.

  • Kirk’s pipe smoking journey is like so many of our own experiences that I smiled, knowingly, as he went through those early stages. He was a very good example of your “Journeyman pipe smokers.” I really enjoyed your conversation. “Fantasia” is, for me too, a particular favorite among all the movies I like.
    The music choice did nothing for me, just meh.
    “Screw them!”
    It was great sharing a bowl with you at the Chicago Show!
    Papouli Dino