Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 460

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 460! Our featured interview tonight is with Greg Guffey. Greg is in the insurance business, and when it’s time to relax, he enjoys pipe smoking. He is also a musician, and will be featured in tonight’s music segment. This episode is another installment in our series of novice pipe smokers that we pose seven questions to.  At the top of the show, we have our second in a series on three tobaccos that you must try within a specific genre. Tonight’s tobacco style is Virginia/Perique.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Greg Guffey
Greg Guffey

Seven Questions for Seven Novice Pipe Smokers

1. After you got started smoking a pipe, what was your “Ah Ha!” moment that kind of clicked for you?
2. Which tobaccos did you try based on a recommendation that you did not like?
3. How has your preference in pipes changed over your short time of pipe smoking? Have you developed preferences?
4. What was your holy grail pipe when you started smoking a pipe, and what it is now?
5. Who are a few of your favorite show guests from past episodes, and why?
6. What is your favorite thing to do while smoking a pipe?
7. Brian answers any question.

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector.

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2 Responses

  • What surprises me most about these “new” smokers is how quickly they come along in their knowledge and growth in pipes and tobacco. I’m sure it’s the availability of social media, YouTube and , of course, your encyclopedic show. We old farts had a more “in-person” kind of education. If you were lucky enough to find a guru at the local pipe shop, your growth was a lot less hit or miss. And before you say “OK, Boomer” I must add that I’m quite happy with this development. The only thing I want to say to folk like Greg is to urge them to seek the true “in-person” camaraderie of the pipe club and pipe show.
    The music, featuring Greg, was quite rousing and fun.
    Your “rant” spoke directly to my earlier point.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Another entertaining show. Like Dino I continue to be amazed at how much these guys know after a few years of pipe smoking. We owe this primarily to the all knowing Mother in the Sky – The Internet. Yeah, the bitch is nuts, but if you can sort the wheat from the chaff you can learn at an incredible rate. In my day – roughly the Dawn of Time – it was far harder to gather info. But, the best place to learn is at your local pipe club and then pipe shows. The key thing to remember is that no matter what kind of pipe a guy smokes and/or what kind of tobacco he smokes he is your friend.
    The rant was good and timely. Pipe shows are simply a hoot.
    I’m not sure of what to make of the music selection. It sounded to me like bunch of guys in search of their “sound”.