Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco Ad from 1959

Here’s a Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco Ad from Popular Mechanics April 1959 edition.

It says:

Smells Grand! Smokes Sweet! Packs Right! Can’t Bite!

That sounds good to me. I’m ready to smoke some right now, and when I do I will be nice and relaxed, smoking slowly, enjoying the flavor and the time to relax.

You can also see how the chicks dig him, which is totally true. My pipe is definitely a chick magnet … or is it my two-seater convertible? I’m not sure, but just don’t mix the two together. The wind will not make for a good smoking experience.

I love seeing these old ads. It makes me wish it was 1959 right now, but with personal computers and the Internet.

What do you think of this ad?

10 Responses

  • I fondly remember the SWR pipe tobacco TV commercial in which the dog thumps his tail twice in between “And now” and “It’s packed in a pouch.” No B&W TV sports event was complete without that and a Gillette commercial.

  • I sent in for that booklet and I STILL HAVE IT ! I quit my pipe in 1986,and I quit cigarettes in 1981, but I still love “that stupid git” Sir Walter and his great tobacco…I just don’t smoke it anymore. I had about twenty five pipes and I kept but three for old times’ sake.
    Lots of fine memories of smoking my churchwarden , stuffed full of Sir Walter Raleigh.

  • My quest is finially ended! I’ve been looking for the lyrics for a tobacco jingle I remembered as a kid, and this is it. “Smells grand, packs right, smokes sweet, can’t bite…and it stays fresh, so fresh in the pouch!”. Only I recall “tastes smooth” in place of “smokes sweet” on the TV commercial for some reason. I could be wrong though, anyone know for sure?