Pipe Tobacco Private Bulk Blends – Where Do They Come From?

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Did you ever wonder where all your favorite store blends / private blends come from? How does the tobacconist provide all their special blends? Do they have a secret tobacco plantation out back?

There are many excellent bulk pipe tobacco blends that are exclusive to specific retailers. Here’s the inside scoop on how this works.

Tobacco growers / manufacturers produce many different types of tobaccos that are available exclusively to tobacconists for the purposes of blending together to formulate their own creations. There are so many different types of tobaccos, curing, aging and fermenting methods, along with a myriad number of potential casings that the possibilities are almost endless. You will probably not find the same private store blend beyond the store that has created it.

Here is a picture of the Peter Stokkebye "Tobacco Bar" at the annual IPCPR trade show. Tobacconists can create custom blends on the spot and then place orders for the ingredients needed in the ratios required.

Here is a closer look at some of the aromatic blends retailers can pick from to make their own creations.

Now you have an idea of where some of your favorite store blends may come from.

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