Parent Co. Acquires Peterson Pipes

Myrtle Beach, SC – Kapp & Peterson, Ltd. and Laudisi Enterprises, Inc. are pleased to announce that Laudisi, a U.S.-based retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of premium pipes and pipe tobacco, will purchase Kapp & Peterson, specifically the Peterson pipe factory and the Peterson of Dublin shop on Nassau Street. Founded in 1865, Peterson is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating pipe factories. “Peterson is among the most venerable of pipe institutions,” noted Sykes Wilford, President and CEO of Laudisi. “While it has changed ownership a number of times during its storied 150-year history, each owner has served as a steward for the factory and the brand,” Wilford continued. “We look forward to continuing that long tradition.”

For the past thirty years, Peterson has been owned by Tom Palmer, Managing Director of the Dublin-based pipe factory. Under Palmer’s leadership, Peterson has become a global pipe brand with distribution networks in Europe, Asia, and the Americas while remaining true to its founding principles and aesthetics. “This milestone marks another positive step forward in the histories of both Peterson and Laudisi,” said Palmer. “Laudisi’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of pipes will combine perfectly with Peterson’s manufacturing expertise and passion to enhance the brand in the years to come.”
Laudisi’s retail website, has a long history of collaboration with the Irish firm and has played a key role in marketing Peterson pipes to collectors around the world. “It is a logical step for us to continue in that role, but in an ownership and management capacity,” said Wilford. “At the same time, Peterson benefits from Laudisi’s wider pipe market experience, plus its technology and marketing expertise.” Palmer concurred, noting that “Laudisi deeply understands and appreciates the spirit and culture of Peterson as well as its importance to pipe smokers and collectors.” “Peterson is in good hands,” said Palmer, “This is a new and exciting chapter in our history.”
The Peterson factory will remain in operation at its present location on Pearse Street in Sallynoggin. The Peterson of Dublin store will likewise remain on Nassau Street. The Kapp & Peterson craftsmen and administrative staff will continue in their present roles. Damien Maguire, Financial Director for Peterson, will succeed Tom Palmer as managing director. Conor Palmer, Commercial Director, will remain through the transition. The Smokingpipes Europe team will relocate to Peterson’s facility in Sallynoggin. Joshua Burgess will oversee all of Laudisi’s European interests.
Learn more in Sykes Blog Post here.

8 Responses

  • This is a huge deal that will only mean good things for everyone involved—especially customers. Peterson has a deserved reputation for great customer service that I’ve experienced first hand. Them pipe-makin’ Irish are wonderful. Great news is a rarity!

  • Hi am new to this site so first things first hello to everyone. Being from Belfast City I have access to the peterson pipes, and tobacco outlet actually truth being have had an abstain period of some 15 plus years however 7 years absolutely smoke free because of health issues heart attack I have a stent in the left artery the arteries are deceased as one might expect. …BUT LIVING WITHOUT MY PIPE HAS BEEN A HELL anyway my wife now in nursing care there is no one to stop my self from enjoying the occasional bowl maybe 2 or 3 in a day somerimes none just depends how I’m feeling anyway that all said moving along…is there anyone else in a similar situation I mean regards health and for how long does it bother or cause concerns which might be in a way going against the whole backdrop of reasons as to why we enjoy the pipe sorry for the waffle but I would be interested in other people’s experiences kind regards oldbob. …

  • This is really wild. The first thing that came to mind was the everyday men and women who work there. They rely on their job to pay the bills and feed their families and I’m very pleased to hear they will not be loosing their jobs. Hats off to whomever made that decision.

  • No, it’s not, unless you want to see all company acquisitions as negative. Smoking Pipes is not small, but it’s hardly a corporate behemoth.

  • Glad to hear the Peterson name and pipes will continue. I also hope nothing will happen to lessen the quality of the pipes. Many times more ‘efficient’ ways are found to manufacture items which sometimes impact quality control. Fingers crossed they recognize pipe making is an art form done by very talented and dedicated people doing what they love to do.