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F.G.T. Enterprises, Inc – Gordon Smith

F.G.T. Enterprises is the wholesale company that owns Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco in Tampa FL. They are a wholesaler and distributor of tobacco products and accessories. In addition, F.G.T. manufactures a line of handmade pipes, and hand-blends a line of exclusive pipe tobaccos. The name stands for "Frank and Gordon’s Team". I accidentally discovered F.G.T. […]

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Sal’s Tobacco Pipe & Coffee Shop

Just because a place has a smoking lounge, it doesn’t mean the folks who use it simply hang around smoking and, um, lounging. "I had a guy come in here and did his whole bills for a month-and-a-half," recalled Jan McClellan, the retired city policeman who owns Sal’s Tobacco, Pipe & Coffee Shop with his […]

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Peterson of Dublin

The Peterson pipe company in Ireland is known for producing both high quality pipes and excellent tobaccos. You may have heard of "The Peterson System"? The Peterson pipe is unique in that it is designed to contain an interior reservoir in the shank. This reservoir traps condensed tobacco moisture from the smoke, in turn giving […]

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Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco Tampa FL

If I were a selfish man, I would never write this article as I would like to keep Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco my own little secret … just for me. You see they have so many beautiful one-of-a-kind pipes and I want to buy them all for myself. However, the secret was out a long […]

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