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Sykes Wilford Interview Part III (Conclusion)

In Part II of of our interview, we talked about the proliferation of pipe smoking information on the Internet, anecdotal evidence that pipe smoking is becoming more popular with younger adults, and Sykes was telling us what makes unique from any other pipe and tobacco retail business. We learned about the rigorous process each […]

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Sykes Wilford Interview Part II

In Part I of our interview, we left off with Kevin Godbee asking Sykes Wilford: “Are there some things that you think the industry in general, or specifically can be doing, or is doing to help promote new people coming into the hobby?” Sykes Wilford: This is something I’ve given a lot of thought […]

Read more – Bringing a Nostalgic Pastime to a New Era

Smoking a pipe is such an enjoyable pastime that I sometimes feel bad for the people that have never had the pleasure of experiencing a fine tobacco in a briar pipe. I get excited about the prospect of a new pipe smoker and jump at the opportunity to welcome them into the world of pipes […]

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2010 Chicago Pipe Show New Products

Imagine there was a giant shopping mall devoted solely to pipes and tobaccos. That is almost what the Chicago Pipe Show was like. Manufacturers, large and small, and individual pipe makers and tobacco blenders were represented, showing their new products, and existing items. Here is a walk through some of the new and current products […]

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Sutliff Private Stock Pipe Tobacco Blends

The Sutliff Private Stock Pipe Tobacco brand has been around for over 160 years. During the recent Chicago Pipe Show, Altadis unveiled several new blends that have at least one seasoned pipe smoker pleasantly surprised. See this blog post by Silvercloud, entitled, "The Big Surprise". Here is some information on the new blends that have […]

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Davidoff Madison Avenue – In a Class All It’s Own

Davidoff is known as one of the most prestigious suppliers of luxury merchandise such as Jewelry, Colognes, Writing Instruments, Leather Goods … and of course – Luxury Tobacco Products. Davidoff’s tagline is, "The Good Life", and isn’t that what enjoying luxury tobacco products is about? As far back as the early 1900’s, the Davidoff family […]

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Nat Sherman – An Icon in Luxury Tobacco for 80 Years

Nat Sherman is one of the most well-known luxury tobacconists in the world. They have had a retail store and smoking lounge in New York City for 80 years now. They are famous for their own brands of all-natural cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. As soon as you walk through the front door you will […]

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An Interview with Joel Sherman of Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman is a world-renowned purveyor of fine luxury tobacco products. Their store in New York City is about to celebrate it’s 80th year. You will find all types of luxury tobacco, from the famous 100% additive-free natural tobacco cigarettes like MCD’s and Naturals, to premium cigars, and of course, pipes and pipe tobacco. Nat […]

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The 2009 IPCPR Show (formerly RTDA) – Part II

One used to have to wait to see the new pipes and tobaccos coming to market after they arrived in stores. Now, gives you an early preview of what’s coming from our visit to the largest annual pipes trade show in the world. "One might wonder how pipes get from the worker’s bench and […]

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Corn Cob Pipes, The Making Of at Missouri Meerschaum

The Corn Cob Pipe is an American icon and known the world over. They have been around for over 100 years and are still popular today. This is the story of the Corn Cob Pipe with the history of it’s origin, the founding of Missouri Meerschaum, it’s manufacturer, and a step by step photographic guide […]

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