Instructional Video Announcement --- Tips, Tricks, Tools, & Techniques Revealed

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Mar 7, 2013
The past few years I've been asked with increasing frequency by high-grade collectors if I have an apprentice, or plan to have one, before I'm too old to work on pipes anymore.
The 21st century being what it is, though, such a situation has never come together.
What the 21st century HAS enabled is arguably better in that someone in my position can potentially reach several people eager to learn about the subject instead of just one or two by using video.
So, the proper gear was gathered, time was made (since the projects are real, not staged, my daily throughput wasn't affected all that much), and the videos recorded.
Like the guilds of old, the people who make and work on pipes tend to hold on tightly to hard-won "secrets", so none of the videos on the Net (that I've ever seen, anyway) show much in the way of detail, special tools, tips, tricks, and so forth. Soon that will no longer be true. In this case NOTHING was skipped over or hidden from the camera. Every step is shown. In fact, the more unlikely/surprising or "tricky" the technique, the more thoroughly it is explained.
The pictures below are of the pipe that was the subject of this first project. It arrived with a "blown" (trumpet-shaped) shank and mortise, a hammered rim, no stem at all, and was so dirty the sandblast was filled about halfway to smooth with grime.
The chamber was is good shape, though, no wood was missing anywhere, and it was patent example of a somewhat scarce and desirable shape, so it was definitely recoverable and worth working on.
I'm announcing this project in advance (the segments are all "in the can" and being edited as we speak) to get the word out as much as possible before Chicago. The finished set of videos should be up and running in a few days.



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Jun 26, 2016
Wow George! This will be one to watch!
Thank you for sharing your expertise with the community!



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Aug 23, 2013
Looking forward to the videos George. The 6475 came out a dream! :D



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Mar 8, 2017
This is upsetting.... I was sooo wanting to be your apprentice.
Nah, This is great, but I still want to be your apprentice



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May 6, 2011
Hopefully we will get at least two or three people interested in pipe repair. Let us know when it available.



Oct 10, 2017
Thank you for doing this, George. I have a feeling that this will inspire many people and save many an old pipe for years to come.



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Mar 7, 2013
Where will you be posting the videos?
YouTube is the plan.
They have an indexing method that allows a "bookshelf style" collection of related volumes. You can click the first one and cruise through them all with a single start (if desired), manually click each one in sequence, or pick and choose however you like.
I figured it's the best way to accommodate people with different skill and experience levels going in, as well as make a given process step easy to find afterward if a second look is desired.



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Jul 11, 2014
To me, that pipe is now better than when new. I'm sure it's at least as good, with a little 'wear character' inside the rim.

I'll look for the new series.

This will be eye opening, I'm sure.

Thank you for sharing!