How Often and Where Do You Smoke

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Jan 10, 2012
South Carolina
Where I currently live I can not smoke indoors. This rule is from the war department so nothing can be said or done about it.
So, I end up smoking in only two places and about once a week. I wish it was more, but you know, life.
Outdoors on the patio. This isn't too bad, but it's dictated by time and currently weather.
My local smoke shop. If the errands on the weekend allow, my wife will let me run away for a couple of hours and smoke at the B&M. It's nice, tables and a coffee bar. We've got TVs, usually news channels or foot ball games. Also, a well stocked humidor and stacks of tinned tobacco and lots of jars.
So where do you smoke and how often?



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Jun 30, 2013
Twice a day, after lunch and after dinner. Usually outside or in the garage, all weather.



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Jun 15, 2013
I'll have a few bowls a day. Sometimes it's in the car, with the windows rolled down. Sometimes it's while I'm taking a stroll around the neighborhood. I never smoke indoors, not because I can't, but because I choose not to.



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Oct 31, 2013
One or two a day walking the dog through the park.
In weather above about 40 I'll sit on the porch and enjoy a bowl while reading. Below that, and it's just the dogwalking pipes. Perhaps 9 degrees isn't ideal for enjoying the nuances of a blend, but it's better than nothing.



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Nov 26, 2011
Nova Scotia, Canada
In the living room in front of computer, at work during outside breaks. We got 2, half hour breaks on Sanitation rather than 15, 15, and 1/2 hour lunch.



Nov 16, 2012
Mon to Friday evenings only. Usually 3 bowls . Saturday and Sunday 6-8 bowls all in my living room in front of the fire.



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Oct 10, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Between one and four a day, almost always sitting in a chair JUST within the borders of the flat, but on the threshold of the porch, with all windows thrown wide. Still trying to muster the chutzpah to take the pipe out in public.



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Jun 23, 2013
Where; either in my basement, outdoors or in my truck.
How often; I very rarely go a day without at least one bowl. Usually on my work days I'll smoke a bowl when I get off, on the days I'm off I might smoke 3-7 bowls a day. All together I'd say my average is 2-3 bowls a day.



Sep 5, 2013
NW Indiana
All day, every day, and anywhere I wish. You can translate that to 12 or so mostly at home. Away from home I usually smoke cigarettes -- convenience factor. Its kind of funny to see others monthly TAD. I destroy at least a pound of tobacco a month. I am reminded of the courtroom scene in A Few Good Men, "Tobacco? you can't handle tobacco." :puffpipe:
P.S. I'd be near bankrupt if I did it with those little tin thingies. :?



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May 17, 2011
Northern New Jersey
I smoke throughout the day. About 5 or 6 bowls per day. Usually outside on the porch, weather permitting, or in my man cave in the garage. In the car to and from work. Piping is my life. And for that I'm grateful.



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Aug 1, 2012
During the week: a couple of bowls in the evenings. On the weekends: several bowls per day, depending on what I'm doing, and usually in the house.
I like Mr. Clemens's advice:
As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake.



Sep 24, 2013
Waterford, Ct
I smoke all day every day also. I am a "field technician". I can not smoke in my office at work because of the fire suppression system that costs $13,000 to replace a discharged tank, but once I head out to the field for the day I smoke in my vehicle and along the tracks all day long as desired. At home I have a three season enclosed porch that does have a small wood stove if I choose to fire up. My wife is still a cigarette smoker so she has nothing bad to say about my pipe smoking. We do not smoke in the house just because. This Sunday morning it is 24 degrees with a wind chill of 10, but my wife and I are enjoying our coffee and the sunshine as we smoke and surf the internet. It is 50 degrees on the porch, but at least there is no wind. Life is good.