Ask G. L. Pease August 2011
    August 12th, 2011

By G. L. Pease
Once again, the incoming questions are many, varied, and quite interesting. And, fortunately, I’ve got enough good ones to choose from that I haven’t had to resort to making them up, or, worse, answering the sillier questions, like what do I wear whilst working on new blends (a fetching little satin peignoir, with matching fuzzy high-heeled slippers), the color of the first car I owned in which I smoked a pipe (British Racing Green - really), or if it’s true that I’m attempting to grow homunculi in large glass flasks in my attic laboratory (not this year - the weather’s been off). So, let’s get to a few of them, and don’t forget, if you’ve got a burning question, or even something you’re just mildly curious about, send it along, and I’ll add it to the queue. Otherwise, the preceding sentences should offer ample warning about what you may face here in months to come.

This came from Kevin: Why are some Burley blends strong in nicotine and have a strong ash taste (usually the boutique blends) and other straight burley blends, like the mass market blends are extremely mild in taste and deliver no nicotine buzz? It is my understanding that burley commonly has one of the highest nicotine and ash levels, so how do the mass market guys get it to be so mellow and mild?

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