We are pleased to announce the November 2015 Winners for the PipesMagazine.com Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by SmokingPipes.com and Savinelli.

1st Place - Sean Carlisle, Abingdon, VA
2nd Place - Jerry Posner, Sheffield, MA
3rd Place - Tyler Hasty, Eubank, KY

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3 Responses to “November 2015 Caption Winners Sponsored by SmokingPipes.com & Savinelli”

  1. deathmetal said:

    Very glad to see Penzance make an appearance (under its original name of “Mixture 79″).

  2. Tyler said:

    I have to say, that one was tough. 1st place was clever, and def deserved it! Congrats
    Sean and Jerry.

  3. hawke said:

    Congradulations guys. Great Captions!



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