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New member
Dec 6, 2020
Portland, OR
This thread has made me think I need to explore more burley blends in the morning.

I usually smoke one bowl in the morning and one in the evening with the occasional one or two more depending on the day. On mornings where I have more time and think I may enjoy an extra bowl or two, I like to smoke a straight Virginia or a mellower va/per like dunhill navy rolls or escudo. If i smoke anything with latakia in the morning it's usually an oriental forward balkan. On heavier work days when my mornings are more truncated I often go for a stronger va/per like GLPs Six Pence or Triple Play so if I don't have time to smoke the whole bowl I can put it down and pick it up a couple times.


New member
Dec 16, 2020
Rarely do I puff in the morning, when I do it's after a hearty breakfast on a Saturday or sitting at a campfire in the woods and it's usually Mac Baren Vanilla Cream. The only aromatic I smoke.
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New member
Oct 21, 2009
No morning pipe for me. First one around 1:30 p.m. after lunch. Then on one of two tins (one VA, one English/Balkan). Today Rattrays Black Mallory and OVTC Old Dominion.
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Preferred Member
May 17, 2019
An early morning pipe with coffee is a true pleasure. Spring and summer I like Charatan First Bowl an EMP copy which I prefer. In the height of winter I like a strong vaper like Gawith Nos 27 reunion blend.
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New member
Feb 3, 2021
I don't usually get to smoke in the mornings as I don't like smelling like smoke at work. On the weekend days I do indulge its always a balkan blend with a cup of coffee. Oddly enough I prefer my last pipe of the day to be an aro.
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May 8, 2020
I do my best smoking in the morning. Like a lot of these dudes, it's mostly Burley. Solani Aged Burley Flake, KBV Burley Morning Pipe, MacBaren HH Burley Flake, and lately MacBaren London Burley. But every once in a while, if I'm feeling a little squirrely, I'll smoke GL Pease Chelsea Morning.


Preferred Member
Sep 2, 2015
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
I'm a degenerate nicotine addict, so I tend to require some stronger blends in the morning when I am getting caffeinated. I tend to prefer burley-based blends, though I also enjoy some richer and earthier VAs as well. I do think a light-medium Latakia blend makes for a great first smoke, but unfortunately, most are too mild in nicotine for me to enjoy them that way, so I will often have them as a follow-up to a stronger first bowl. Some of my favorite first of the day smokes:

The Gawith dark flakes (Dark Flake/Plug, 1792, Lakeland Dark)
C&D Burley Flakes 1 and 3
C&D Oak Alley
MacBaren HH Bold Kentucky
GL Pease JackKnife Plug and Triple Play
Peterson's Irish Flake

I tend to always have a few of these on hand and will usually rotate those few until I place my next order which will include a few more from that list, etc.