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Bay Area, California.

Pipe smoker off and on for 20 years. Father. Grew up in the mountains. Learned in the city. Love the forest. Union thug. Reader.

Lover of:
  • My family
  • My comrades
  • Unions
  • Firearms
    • My Makarov & AR.
  • Scotch
    • Single malt Speyside.
  • Pipeweed
    • English and Virginia based.
    • Occasionally aro.
Wish to taste or buy list:
  1. Brown Sugar Flake
  2. Rich Dark Flake
  3. Penzance
  4. Longbottom Leaf
  5. Vauen - TAB 160
  6. John Aylesbury - sir John's broken Flake
  7. Stonehaven
  8. Germain Brown Flake
  9. Mc. Wilderness
  10. Frog Morton On the Town
Please let me know if you have any i could sample, trade, or buy!
Concord, CA