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I have been smoking..for close to 5yrs. Pipe smoking for me is a deep part of my character, life and, personality. It is one of the deepest parts of my life. Next too tea, and chess. Which are also deep aspects of my life.

I am a fanatic for aeronautical engineering. I love most engineering in general however. I very much love electrical and, mechanical engineering. I grew up around ham radios most of my life. And am working on getting started in that.

I also enjoy philosophy, classic literature, and music. Especially classical music.

I am a devout follower of the greek philosophy of stoicism, and also existentialism/absurdism. I love anything to do with logic and, analytical, or ethical philosophy.

I am mainly a English smoker. But also love Va/Pers, Lakelands, and straight Virginia's. I am not a fan of burley. It makes me very sick when I smoke it. But I do like cavendish or a small topping of burley such as Stonehenge Flake.

My 3 daily smokes are Ten Russians, Gaslight, and Star of The East Flake or bulk.