What would be your 2022 Holiday Blend?

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Can't Leave
Oct 8, 2022
Central Nebraska
Well I completely blew past this and still didn't give the correct answer.

If I were looking at components, then my picks would be some Aged/Stoved Red Virginia for some tangy, rich, dark fruit notes; spicy/incense-like Orientals for some exotic aromas; and maybe just a tad of Latakia for that fireplace ambiance; then just a touch of unsweetened Black Cavendish for some creamy mouthfeel to round it all out.

If you wanted to add a topping to it, then maybe one that included hints of apple cider, cloves, cinnamon and star anise.

Now that I'm reading this, I might go and try to whip up a batch of this! I've got all of the components.

Even though I don't gravitate towards Aros, maybe if I'm subtle with the sauce then it'll just be a hint of the Holiday aromas with some solid tobacco flavor.
I like the way you think!


Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 8, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
Bought some Figgy Pudding and it arrived yesterday. Even though it was 75 yesterday i tried a bowl. I liked it a lot. It is not a blend to be smoked everyday and you can smell it in the bag from 5 steps away. But, like Devil's Holiday it is an in your face aromatic which tastes like it smells. Where D.H. is a lot of berry and high notes, Figgy Pudding has lots of cocoa and candy notes. Beautiful room note too.
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May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
For Christmas Eve I think I will smoke some 1998 Orlik Fark Strong Kentucky.
For Christmas day I will start with some 2006 Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake. Next up I will smoke some 2002 Solani 633 . Next will be a bowl of 2007 Stonehaven. I might finish the evening with 2012 Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 4, 2023
Anyone ever try mixing McClelland red Virginias like Christmas Cheer with blend like Quiet Nights or Chelsea Morning ???