What would be your 2022 Holiday Blend?

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Can't Leave
Oct 8, 2022
Central Nebraska
Good morning fellow pipers!

I saw this morning the Rattray's Winter Edition has been released here in the states, albeit hard to snag as they always seem to be. It got me to thinking, what would myself and other smokers want in a Holiday blend? And is that a blend we could concoct from existing blends or available leaf. So no McClelland virginias or Syrian Latakias.

I would think for this occasion, something semi-aromatic would be called for, but maybe not, maybe it is a hearty English blend, or perhaps it is a crossover blend. If you were able to design a blend especially for this season, what would it be? I look forward to your ideas! And who knows, maybe this will turn into a project where we mix up a big batch up and send it out to those that participate!


Oct 6, 2021
NE Wisconsin
Different people do have different ideas (or multiple ideas) of what makes a "holiday" tobacco.

Most commonly we think of something aromatic which employs the sorts of flavors traditionally used in western European, English, and American holiday desserts

But, McC's Christmas Cheer was always a single origin VA.

I could certainly imagine somebody associating latakia with the woodsmoke of the winter season.

So, yes, there will be a variety of answers.

Here's another consideration --
Just because a person likes a flavor and associates it with the season, doesn't mean that he likes that in his tobacco.
I happen to like the traditional European flavors of Christmas. I like the idea of capturing this in a tobacco, in theory. But the unfortunate reality is that I don't love most aromatic tobaccos. (There are exceptions.)

One Christmas inspired aromatic that's available year round that I think works extremely well, is Boswell's Christmas Cookie. It burns like a champ and is not difficult to have taste like it smells. With technique, many aromatics can finally taste something more like they smell -- but the technique bar is lower for this one -- many even newer smokers could enjoy this one for what it is.


Mar 8, 2021
The Netherlands (Europe)
The k&k aromatics that are made for brands that have a holiday blend like Rattrays or Vauen are not really highly regarded. I'm not picky on tobacco, but I had a sample of some Easter tobacco supposedly infused with some eggnog type of liquor, it was disgusting. Bremen Pipesmoker does a review of the k&k holiday tobaccos twice a year on YouTube, maybe he does it again this year.

My holiday blend would be anything I've open or I would pop a special tin I have or smoke a certain cigar, but nothing particularly christmas themed.


Oct 3, 2022
The '20 version of Peretti's Yuletide was the perfect holiday blend for me.

The worst part about discovering that is I only have less than 2oz.

At the time it was my first go with that blend and I didn't know that each Yuletide release was different. I thought it was like Thanksgiving Day that was the same every year.

So if anyone has some laying around let me know 😂