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Aug 11, 2022
Cedar Rapids, IA
Half a pound of Faulkner Flake arrived from the Country Squire today. Forgot to snap a pic before getting it squirreled away in Mylar. Shame, cuz they are some beautiful long flakes. My four year old asked if he could eat them! 😆
I showed the art on my new tin of Grousemoor to my wife and 4-year-old, and the latter said "show me what's inside!" and I had to stammer, "sorry bud, I wasn't planning to open this one yet."


Sep 27, 2023
Northern Illinois
Couple new to me tins, HH Bold Kentucky and Exclusive. I added a Peterson Donegal Rocky X105 because I needed (wanted??) a medium-sized billiard. I'm seeking admission into the "Exclusive" Club where @PaulRVA, @Ben.R.C, and @Tate are the chief hooligans.View attachment 290043
Both of those are awesome!! Welcome to the "Exclusive" club lol. How do you like it?!

Terry Lennox

Can't Leave
Aug 11, 2021
Southern California
Just arrived, 9 tins of Sir John's Flake Virginia and 2 lbs of MB Virginia Flake. Used 50 Mylar bags to put away the Virginia Flake and 5 lbs of Pfeifen Huber Virginia Golden Flake.

Ah never mind the below. I see you traded with a friend in Europe.

Does Pfeifen Huber ship to the US? I've been intrigued by that one but never tried to order it. Cheers.